Lucoro  Lucoro equipment at Pro FM Broadcast

Lucoro Limited is a leading UK electronics manufacturer. Established and trusted, our company has been trading for over a decade. Lucoro’s electronic circuitry has found its way into everyday life, including solutions for surgery, healthcare, fire safety, traffic safety, satellite data gathering, learning, farming, horticulture, led signage, utility services, and communications, amongst many others.

Lucoro Broadcast is part of the Lucoro group of brands. Lucoro’s professional FM Transmitters are based on 30 years of pedigree, and priced to suite cost-conscious broadcasters and network providers. Whilst being surprisingly low in cost, they retain the high performance and extra features our customers demand.

Used in every country across Europe – from Universities to Road Tunnel installations, from network operators to individual local community broadcasters – our transmitters are well established and reliable.

Our products carry a 2-year (limited) warranty and, like all other transmitter manufacturers, support is limited to a RTM (Return To Manufacturer) repair or replacement service. Therefore, customers who wish to remain on-air during equipment down-time should purchase a spare transmitter or consider purchasing our equipment through an independent broadcast engineering service provider who will likely offer N+1 redundancy options.

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