March is AEV mixer month!

Looking for a compact or an extensive mixing table?
Then take a look at the Mixers from AEV.
Multiple channels, USB audio interface but also telephone hybrids.
On offer this month!
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Do you want perfect live images from your studio and stream them live?
Then take a look at the D&R Camcon, with which you can easily make microphones and cameras work together.
Now this month for: € 565,- ex VAT.
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Pro FM Broadcast

Pro FM Broadcast is a supplier for your radio station. 
We sell: Radio Broadcast equipment, FM broadcasting transmitters, FM antennas, STL Links/ Reportage connections, analog and digital Radio Broadcast mixing consoles, Audio Broadcast processors, IP codecs and professional studio and much more audio equipment.
At ProFM Broadcast we sell everything to bring the station up and running. or keep it!

Why buy from Pro FM Broadcast?
- We manage multiple radio stations off our own
- Over 22 years of Broadcast experience
- Personal contact
- Tailor-made advice
- Installation is possible
- Easily accessible and long opening hours
- We look for a suitable solution for every problem!

Listen to our demo radio stations 
Pro FM (Dance) of Radio 182 (Pop)
Profm Live
Radio 182 live

About us


Blijf op de hoogte van onze nieuwste producten, laatste aanbiedingen en updates uit de broadcast-wereld.

Pro FM Broadcast 20 Years 08-07

Now, 20 years later, we are blessed with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.
Now, 20 years later, we are blessed with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.
We have been able to do many beautiful projects.
We want to thank you for your support over the years!
Some years were a real challenge…
We hope that we can be Your Partner In Professional Broadcasting for the next 20 years!
Small selection of our work.Pro FM Broadcast 20 Years

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AVT VoIP Telephone Hybrids for Dutch NPO Radio 1 08-10

After a long preparation, Dutch national broadcaster NPO Radio 1 recently started using their tailor-made AVT VoIP Hybrids to replace the old ISDN lines.

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Audio sound at your Drive-in Event. 30-04

You want to play the audio sound on the car radio from a Drive-in event,  cinema, concert, church service, wedding, meeting, and theater?

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