Axia IQ 8-Fader Expansion Frame

Axia IQ 8-Fader Expansion Frame The IQ 8_fader Expansion frame plugs in to the IQ Core using the available CANbus connector. adds eight faders to your IQ main frame. Utilizes 100MM conductive plastic faders. aircraft-quality switches and LED key back lighting. May be placed on top of desk surface or mounted drop in style.IQ frames can be physically joined using included hardware.
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Features include 3 dedicated stereo program buses plus a stereo aux bus, which can be used for example for telephone calls, off-air recordings or as a fourth program bus. Automatic mix-minus is provided on each fader, plus talkback functions, one-knob off-air Record Mode, Show Profile functions for instantly recalling up to 4 predefined mixing console “snapshots”, high-resolution OLED level meters switchable between VU and PPM indication, razor-sharp OLED option displays above each channel fader, Studio and Control Room

monitor controllers.
The Axia iQ fader controllers can be placed on top of the worktop or mounted in it (without the black edges). The Axia iQ Main Frame can also be rack mounted with the supplied hardware. Multiple fader modules can be physically linked together. Weight: 5.5 kg. Weight incl. packaging 11.4 kg.
Because the Axia iQ mixing console supports live wire, multiple audio sources can be downloaded via a single CAT network cable. For example, a multichannel livewire driver can be installed in PC-Radio instead of a sound card and connected to the Axia with a single cable.