Saramonic SmartRig UC GSM AUDIO interface

The Saramonic SmartRig UC with USB Type-C interface is an easy solution to connect any professional microphones or guitars to record quality audio or create music with your USB Type-C devices.
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Saramonic SmartRig UC GSM AUDIO interface.

The Saramonic SmartRig UC is a handy audio adapter to connect a microphone with an XLR connector or 6.35mm jack plug to your DSLR, system camera and Android smartphone or tablet. In this way you use your favorite apps to record high quality audio or to report live from an event.

Phantom Power

The SmartRig UC works on a 9 Volt battery, which makes it possible to supply 48V phantom power to microphones that need this. 

Live monitoring

In addition to an XLR and 6.35mm input, the SmartRig UC also has a headphone output for live monitoring of the recording. The app used must have a "playback monitoring" option for this to send the sound back to the audio adapter. 

Application of the Saramonic SmartRig UC

The SmartRig UC is ideal for a journalist or reporter on location. The Saramonic transmits the sound from the microphone directly to your smartphone, making it suitable for use in a radio or TV broadcast. The recorded sound can be sent directly with your favorite app. The SmartRig UC is also ideal for musicians. Connect your guitar directly to the audio adapter to record music with your mobile device and share it on social media.

Pay attention

For use with a Phone or Tablet you need a USB Type c connection!. 


  • XLR and 6.35mm input and headphone output 
  • Volume control for optimum setting of the sound level
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Close a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz ( /- 1.5dB)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio of -98dB full band (with phantom power)
  • Maximum output current phantom power of 13 mA
  • Maximum output level of 2Vrms
  • Distortion of 0.025% THD
  • Operates on a 9 volt battery
  • Dimensions of 8.8 x 4.1 x 4.2 cm
  • Weighs 75 grams


Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz ( /- 1.5dB) Noise: -98 dB full band (with Phantom Power)
Maximum Output Level: 2 Vrms
Distortion: 0.025% THD
Phantom Max Current: 13mA
Dimensions: 8.8cm x 4.1cm x 4.2cm
Weight: 75g (2.57oz)