Complete Digital Radio Studio No:6

This digital starter package is the ideal package for starters with a larger budget and suitable for a local / regional radio or internet station. The digital starter package No 6 contains: Aircast automation software, a professional digital broadcast mixing desk, speakers, microphones, headphones and professional CD players who can also play audio over a network and of course an 'On air' light. The mixing table can bring 4 telephone lines on air through integrated telephone hybrids. and has 8 stereo audio USB channels.

The digital start package comes complete with everything you need to start your studio. Ideal for your local / region broadcasting studio.
It contains the full version of the Aircast software that not only fully cooperates with the mixing desk, but even gives you the opportunity to broadcast 24/7.
The self-installation package contains all the information you need to start your own radio station.
NB: Of Course we can always make changes in this package with equipment of your choice.
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Pro FM Start Package No: 6 Local / Regional Radio | Complete Digital Radio Studio.

This studio contains these components:
D&R Axite Digital mixing table with 12 faders CRM section in Dropthrough, 1x Mic AD, 2x Line AD, 1x Line DA, 1x CRM, 1x DSsrc, 1x Hybrid
1 x USB67 card (8 x stereo in-out) 4 4x breakout panels
Mini Tower PC with Windows software
2x 24 "PC screen Monitor
1 x Behringer Nekkst Stereo Monitor Speakers set
3x Audio Technica ATH-M20 Headphones
3 x Rode Broadcast Microphone with arm.
2x Tascam CD 500B CD / Network Player
1x D&R On Air Lamp
1 x D&R Aircast Radio Automation Software System
1 x Denon DN-300DH FM / AM / RDS Tuner
1 x Itel DPRO6 6 band Broadcast Audio Processor with Stereo & RDS Encoder
1 x Behringer HA8000V2 Headphone Amplifier