Streaming Processors

Looking for better sound for the Web stream or Internet station? 
An HD Audio Broadcast processor, is suitable for the HD sound of an (internet) radio station. When purchasing a new HD Audio processor, consider the following questions: Which HD processor suits the needs of the radio station? Are you looking for a software-based solution such as StereoTool or should everything be clearly arranged in a cupboard. Does the audio processor have to be remotely controllable? What kind of music is broadcast by the station, and what is your target group? On an extensive audio processor there are several audio bands such as: the Omnia volt or BW Broadcast DSPXtra, do you manage to arrange this adequately? Or may it be a somewhat simpler processor such as: the BW Broadcast DSPX mini or Itel pro6 so that the installation can be done by the broadcaster itself? When purchasing the Audio Processor, also think about the sound that is desired for the broadcaster, are you looking for an open, relaxed sound or does it need more power? It remains a matter of taste, and of course budget will also play a role in this. So please feel free to contact Pro FM Broadcast if you cannot find out yourself or if you need additional advice, because of our many years of experience we can help you make the right choice.
Axel Tech Falcon D7 TV/DAB+/HDRadio/WEB/DRM Digitale Audio Processor
€ 2.695,00
Itel DPRO6 6 bands HD/DAB+
€ 2.599,00
StereoTool FM Professional Audio Software
€ 349,00
StereoTool FM Standaard Audio Processing Software
€ 139,00
Angry Audio CHAMELEON C4 Livestream Audio Processor
€ 1.125,00
Omnia Volt Audio Processor AM/FM/HD/DAB+ Processor
€ 4.644,00
StereoTool Basic Audio Software
€ 35,00