DAB+ Transmitting Equipment

DAB+ stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB+ is the improved version of DAB+, which was developed in 1981 by the Institute for Radio Engineering in Germany. It was a research project of the European Union.
Now In 2019, DAB+ is a fully-fledged digital broadcasting technology with many advantages. Outside the Netherlands there are many other countries that broadcast via DAB / DAB+, such as Australia, Germany, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Poland and Denmark.
DABplus offers digital sound quality and you can easily navigate alphabetically to your favorite channel. After a one-off installation, the digital receiver immediately scans sharply on the desired radio station (occasionally you can perform new autoscans to see if more stations have been added). In addition, transmitters with DAB+ technology can provide additional information, including visual material. You can see these images depending on the type of radio.

In 2017 we launched a test DAB+ station in the air via a test license on which various local broadcasters in the region could be heard for six months.
We are now on the eve of the digitization of local / regional broadcasters in the Netherlands and the world.
 We are happy to help you on this process with setting up, maintaining or setting up your DAB+ transmission system.
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