Axel Tech Parrot 1x8 Audio Versterker

Axel Technology Parrot 1x8 Audio Distributie versterker. De Parrot is een high performance audio distributie versterker met een stereo-ingang en acht stereo-uitgangen.
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Axel Technology Parrot 1x8 Audio Distributie versterker.

The Parrot is a high performance audio distribution amplifier with one stereo input and eight stereo outputs. It has many applications including tv and radio studios editing rooms or where multiple loads (transmitters, amplifiers, recorders, etc) must be fed from a single audio source. The Parrot features both XLR balanced and PinRca outputs for an easier connection to either professional or consumer equipment. The outputs are individually buffered so that a short circuit occurring on one pair of connectors (either XLR or Pin) will not affect the others. Audio input is always via XLRs.

Using internal jumper settings, the Parrot can be easily re-configured also as a 1x16 distributor for mono source signals. Alternatively, given a stereo input, the Parrot can output both mono or stereo signals, depending on the individual setting of each output pair. Each balanced output stage incorporates high-current line drivers capable to always deliver optimal signals to a number of locations even down long cable runs and with low load impedance.

Expressly designed for broadcast applications, Parrot features an hardware bypass (via relay) which connects the Input pair to the Output 1 XLRs in case of AC power failure or whenever the unit is unintentionally turned off. This prevents the transmission chain from any audio interruption.

The electronically balanced stereo input features individual left/right level controls with two bi-color LEDs enabling quick recognition of input status (no audio, audio ranging between - - 6 and 3 dBm or audio higher than 3 dBm dB). Each of the four output groups also incorporate left/right level controls via recessed trimmers on the front panel.

The Parrot is very easy to install and to operate. A '0 dB gain' mode can be selected for each output channel via front panel accessible slide switches. For fine calibration of the outputs, the source signal can be replaced by an internal 1kHz / 0 dB oscillator.


  •  Unbalanced / Balanced audio distributor
  • - 1 mono input to 16 mono output
  • - 1 stereo input to 8 stereo output
  • - Hardware by-pass on all in/out
  • - Adjustable singly output levels
  • - Built-in test tone generator
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 100kHz /- 0.1dB-
  • Overall Gain Range: 42 dB-
  • THD Noise: 0.005% @ 1kHz -
  • Output Mode: Mono / Stereo (selectable for each group)-
  • Crosstalk: < -80 dB @ 10kHz, 0 dBm out -
  • Noise: < - 80 dBm (DIN Audio) -
  • Reference output tone: 1 kHz, 0 dBm