D&R LED On Air Lamp

D&R LED On Air Lamp is een eenvoudige oplossing voor het On Air Signaling als u gebruik maakt van een D & R broadcast mixer. Kan zonder enige moeite worden aangesloten op de D&R broadcast consoles.
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D&R LED On Air Lamp - Studio Sign

We are glad to be able to finally offer you and your customers a simple solution for a Studio Warning ON AIR light. I am sure you know the expensive studio lights that also need an extra relay, because there is mains power involved and on top of that all sorts of boxes/circuits in between to make it work.

The only extra thing you need, to make it work, is a DC power supply of 9-12 volt (we can supply that too) and a 2 wire low voltage cable between this ON-AIR led lamp and your mixing desk. If your desk (or GPO) can switch 12 volt max, with 100mA current that is all you need. All our D&R consoles can do that.We can supply you a perfect matching ON-AIR lamp for all our mixers. You can of course use the unit too for other brands.We call it ON-AIR Lamp but actually there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high intensity red leds.
The unit can be powered by any 9-12 volt DC 450 mA external power supply.And what's more... no hassle with how do I connect this thing to my AIRMATE-USB/AIRENCE-USB/AIRLAB or AXUM.No complicated AC switching with external relays etc. etc.What you only need is one stereo cable (wired tip/ring) coming from the MIC-ON connector on the back of the  AIRMATE/AIRENCE/AIRLAB console that goes directly hardwired to a barrier strip inside the ON-AIR LAMP. How easy is this for a change.The power adapter will also be directly wired to the barrier strip inside the unit.
Imagine only 1piece of two wire cable with open ends screwed to the barriers strip inside the ON-AIR unit and the other end to the tip and ring of a jack (for AIRMATE/AIRENCE/AIRLAB/AXUM).

The facts...

  • Clear red lettering when lit.
  • Low current high intensity LED's inside.
  • Easy interfacing with any mixing console, just 2 wires.
  • Fixed barrier strip wiring for powerr supply and control.
  • Strong metal housing.
  • Keyslot holes for hanging on the backside.
  • Cable entry on the backside.
  • Dimensions: 265mm x 125mm x 65mm.
  • 9-12 volt DC power, maximum current 100mA.
  • Two low current wires need to be shorted to make it all work.
Width 260mm, Height: 125mm, Depth: 65mm
Cable entry holes and key slot holes in the backside