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In this section of the site you will find the current range of Used Broadcast equipment  and Demo material.

This section has a strongly changing stock of used broadcast audio processors, fm transmitters and fm output stages, sound cards and other professional used audio equipment.Make sure you check this section out on regular basis.

Demo equipment is also often found here and the following applies to everything: the equipment is checked, repaired if necessary and finally cleaned so that you get a fresh device at home which still has a second life ahead of it.
You’ll get a 3 month warranty on your second hand broadcast equipment from this section. As long as the equipment is here it is still for sale, we will keep this section very up-to-date.

If you are looking for something special that you cannot find here, please contact us. Due to various contacts worldwide, there is always a chance that we can still find the article we are looking for. We can also arrange the sale of your second-hand broadcast material. Ask for the conditions.

The used broadcast equipment section of our site is visited a lot every day and the chance that you will find a genuinely interested buyer is therefore greater. Contact us today!

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