Axel Tech On Air Klok Software

Axel On Air Clock Software is een innovatieve en kosteneffectieve software voor tijd / klok in radio / tv zetel of in een uitzending faciliteit. Het toont de huidige datum en tijd, in de zes cijfers HH: MM: SS op een of meer standaard pc-monitoren te bekijken.
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Axel Technology On Air Klok Software, Studio Gear.

In the radio and TV industry time is at the base of every activity from daily programming and studio production to on-air execution.
Radio and TV technicians, reporters, speakers, host and guests need eye-catching display of time and date information.
Axel Technology provides an innovative and cost effective solution for time / clock display in radio/tv headquarters or in any broadcast facility.
ON AIR CLOCK software displays on standard PC Monitor current time, in six digits HH:MM:SS with circleline seconds.
Clocks are something you're always glancing at.
ON AIR CLOCK also displays custom messages, such as 'ON AIR', 'INCOMING TELEPHONE CALL', 'APPLAUSE', 'SILENCE', providing an additional communication tool besides classic headphone intercom and studio talk-back.

ON AIR CLOCK offers an unrivalled flexibility of operation, the widest number of functions modes and user display settings. In addition to Time and Date info, two major features are available.
- Count-down timer for end of live programs signaling and advertisement interruption during productions.
- Count-up timer for live program simulation during recording or just as time elapse display.

Axel Technology's Sat Time Synchronizer (optional) may be used as GPS time reference, allowing 1/100 of second accuracy on all ON AIR CLOCK displays.


  • - Radio and TV studios
  • - Control rooms
  • - Trading facilities
  • - Office environments
  • - Hotel lobbies