Axel Falcon 50 | Digitale FM Audio Processor

Axel Technology
Falcon 50 FM is Axel Technology's toonaangevende digitale processor. Gebaseerd op 6-Bands audio-processor, met een kristalhelder, massief geluid.
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Axel Falcon 50 Digital Broadcast Audio Processor

Falcon 50 FM is Axel Technology's flagship digital processor, based on 6-Bands audio architecture, delivering a crystal clear, solid sound texture with a unique superb audio quality.
Whether your audio system contains analog, digital or both formats, Falcon 50 FM can be configured to fit perfectly, featuring the most comprehensive range of processing parameters in its category.
Relying on Axel Technology's extensive know-how in audio engineering techniques, Falcon 50 FM has been specifically designed to provide the best voice processing ever, bone-shaking super bass and spatial stereo enhancement features with advanced peak limiting system, mantaining exceptional audio quality even at extreme settings.
Falcon 50 FM is available in LCD or blind (- 800 euro) version.


- Analog and Digital Stereo I/O 
- High Performance Stereo Generator
- Bass enhancer 3 bands EQ
- Dual composite outputs
- ITU-compliant MPX power control
- 50 factory presets 50 user-definible
- Widest range of processing controls
- Improved peak limiting system
- Day-part automation
- Remote Control via serial, USB & IP