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BW Broadcast DSPX Extra FM High end 6 band Broadcast Audio processor. Met ingebouwde Ariane audio leveller en voor een geweldige prijs.Door gebruik te maken van RMS levelling,limiting en clipping creeert u met deze processor een luide constante sound voor uw radio station.Ideale processor voor lokale /regio radio
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BW Broadcast DSPX Extra HD 6 Band Broadcast Audio Processor

When you just wont compromise on your sound. You need the 6 band DSPXtra with built in 'award winning' Ariane audio leveling. The BW DSPXtra is a new generation of digital audio signal processor that can be used for FM, NET and Digital radio broadcasting. Using the latest multi-band DSP technology the DSPXtra offers a versatile and powerful tool in creating a loud punchy on-air presence. The easy to use front panel control system and LED metering display afford the user with ease of use and setup while a cool windows application makes it even easier, and more fun.

The DSPXtra features the 'award winning' Ariane RMS leveler featuring sum and difference processing but with many new features and options. It also can be set to work in conventional left and right stereo with adjustable coupling between channels. Employing BW/TLT's unique multi-band, release gated, 'windowing' feedforward RMS control that sets the Ariane above all other levelers. The sum and difference (Matrix) mode of operation of the DSPXtra enhances the stereo sound field without over-enhancing it, controlling multi-path, not enhancing it like other processors can do. The dual processing paths enable the DSPX to feed a digital radio service such as HD/IBOC/DAB or a webstream with a bit rate optimised look-ahead limiter while simaltaneously processing for an FM analogue broadcast through distortion controlled clipping. In effect, two boxes in one. With 6 bands of peak limiting and upgraded distortion control (compared to the DSPX) the DSPXtra is 'one hell of a box' that will make your radio station jump out from the speakers. Don't believe us, try risk free with full money back guarantees.

  • Dual processing path enabled for HD and digital radio
  • 22 24-bit DSP's Provide over 1.2 GIGA-MIPS of Processing Power
  • Comprehensive BLUE LED audio metering and screen
  • Digital and Analogue IO
  • Ariane intelligent RMS leveller
  • Multi-Band program dependent Limiting
  • Multi-Band look ahead limiting and distortion cancelled clipping
  • High performance DSP stereo encoder with composite clipping contro
  • ITU Limiter
  • USB front panel interface
  • RS232 back panel interface
  • TCP/IP Net interface
  • Real time clock for preset scheduling
  • Remote trigger port
  • Full Range of User Presets with A/B Switching
  • Security (password) Control
  • Software 'FLASH' Upgradable
Nom. input level-12 to 12dBu
Max input level24dBu
ConnectorsXLR floating,EMI suppressed
A/D conversion24 bit 48 Khz 128x oversampled
Sampling rate32-96 KHz
ConnectorXLR floating,EMI suppressed
Output level0 to 12dBu
ConnectorBNC, floating
D/A24 bit 768 KHz
Stereo seperation>70dB (typ. > 75dB)
Sca inputBNC floating
Pilot outputBNC, 5V
NET/LANRJ45 EMI shielded
Power85-265 VAC 50-60Hz
Size44mm x 482mm x 200mm
Weight1.6 Kg
DSPXtra datasheet