ICON Monitor Speaker DT-8A AIR Set

ICON DT-8A Monitor Speaker, actieve 2-weg monitor systeem met professionele cross-over design voor radio studio of thuisgebruiker.
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ICON DT-8A air Active Studio Monitor System

The ICON DT-8A air Active Studio Monitor System provides a smooth and accurate response which makes the system pleasant to listen to. It is equipped with ICON's innovative ""AirCon"" wireless control module which enables you to have ultimate wireless control on your studio settings. Here are some of its main features:

- Active 2-Way Monitor System with complex Active Crossover design
- The ideal solution for near-field monitoring in any recording or broadcasting facility
- Designed for use in stereo as well as multichannel setups
- Tuned by top-skilled acoustic engineer￿s ear to fulfill any requirements in real recording studio environments
- High, Mid and Low range contour control
- High-Pass Filter ￿ Flat, 60Hz & 80Hz selectable
- Bi-Amped: 150W (LF), 80W(HF)
- R-Type Transformer for super clean output

- ICON Custom designed 8￿ woofer
- Nomex￿ reinforced paper cone for crisp, clean and very open reproduction
- Low loss SBR surround with low creep and long time reliability
- Progressive spider to achieve soft clipping and low distortion even under extreme load
- Heavy dual magnet ferrite magnet system with extended height for superb bass reproduction
- Aluminum short circuiting ring and cupper cap in magnet system that practically eliminates motor distortion
- Very rigid die-cast aluminum chassis with very open geometry for optimized air-flow to eliminate compression
- High-end 1￿ dome tweeter
- Soft fabric dome and surround with wide-dispersion optimized geometry
- Big surround to reduce distortion
- Low loss ferrofluid-free magnet system for open and detailed sound
- Heavy ferrite under hung dual magnet system for high sensitivity and low distortion
- Extended and air-flow optimized back cavity to ensure low compression and low resonance frequency
- Rugged die-cast aluminum faceplate with wide-dispersion optimized geometry
- Robust and very rigid design
- Diffraction optimized smooth front baffle design
- Extended front baffle dimensions to eliminate any vibration or sound radiation from the enclosure
- Premium absorbing material for long life high performance bass reproduction
AirCon￿ Wireless Controller Module fully integrated
- Remote controlled Volume and Mute
- High, Mid and Low range contour control
- High-Pass Filter ￿ Flat, 60Hz & 80Hz selectable
- LCD Display (Graphic type)
Frequency Response ( /-3dB): 35 Hz - 25 kHzMax SPL 2 m, pair in listening room (IEC Short Term): 120 dB peakBass Principle: Bass reflexTuning Frequency: 40 HzTweeter: 1"" wide dispersion soft domeWoofer: 8.0"" Nomex paper coneMagnetically shielded/compensated: Shielded and CompensatedCross over frequency: 2.2 kHzCross over slope: 24 dB/oct (LP and HP)Input level for 100 dB SPL @ 500-2000 Hz avg @ 1 m: 0 dBu RMS @ 0 dB level settingInput connector: Balanced XLRLCD: Graphic type, white backlit