Profm CBA Breedband FM circulaire

ProFM CBA Breedband FM circulaire polarisatie-antenne.
Deze antenne bestaat volledig uit roestvast staal AISI 304, biedt de mogelijkheid om gelijktijdig gebruik te maken van verticale en horizontale polarisatie voor een betere dekking met name in stedelijke gebieden.
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ProFM CBA Reflector Option

ProFM CBA Ant Connector

ProFM CBA Broadband FM Circular Polarization Antenna

This antenna constructed completely of stainless steel aisi 304, offers the possibility of simultaneously utilizing vertical and horizontal polarization for better coverage especially in urban areas. In order to facilitate and decrease shipping costs this model is simple to break down and reassemble when ready to be installed. It is insulated with teflon, has a 7/16 or LC connector and maximum input of 2 kW, for 5 Kw version has 7/8 conector. They have been brought improvements as far as the attenuation of adaptation (RETURN LOSS and SWR). Two important parameters for the perfect adaptation of stiffness and greater transfer of power


Antenna Type : ProFM CBA/7/16-7/8 Circular polarization Broad Band DOUBLE DIPOLE
Max wind velocity : 220 km /h)
Frequency Range : 87.5 - 108 Mhz
Wind load : 31,10Kg. 160 Km hora
Bandwidth : 20 Mhz
Wind surface : 0.19 m/2 (Side) - 0.13 m2 (Front)
Impedance : 50 Ohms
 Materials : Stainless steel aisi 304
Power Rating : 1Kw- 2Kw- 5Kw
Mounting : whith standard clamp top - tower 50-110 mm.
VSWR : < 1.4- < 1 Weigth : 13 kg.
Polarization : vertical and orizontal
Dimensions : 1600x1140x1140 mm.
Gain : - 1,5(referred to half-wave dipole)
H Plane :omnidirectional - 1,5 dB
V Plane :omnidirectional - 3 dB
Front-To- Back ratio : 3 dB
Lightening protection : all parts grounded
Connector : N-7/16-LC-7/8