Focusrite Compouder 2 kanaals compressor

Sound Processing
Focusrite compounder, is een dual mono / stereo processor .Ontworpen voor de kwaliteitsbewuste professionele gebruiker. De combinatie van hoge kwaliteit compressie met de krachtige Bass Expander.
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Focusrite ComPounder

, part of Focusrite's Platinum Range of audio processors, is a dual mono/stereo high performance dynamics processor designed for the quality conscious professional and project studio owner. The combination of high quality compression with the powerful Bass Expander makes this unit a must have for any dance music engineer or musician.


is a combination compressor/limiter with noise gate/expander. Each channel can be used independently, or linked for true stereo operation. The compressor features a full complement of controls, with the ability to choose between hard and soft knee characteristics. Attack and release can be set manually, or when in auto mode, the compressor responds to the dynamics of the audio material. The gate can be used to shut out unwanted signal, or if switched to expand mode, a gentler form of noise reduction is employed, as signals are lowered depending on the threshold settings.


has line level inputs on XLR and 1/4"" TRS phono jack connectors. These inputs will function at both 4dBu and -10dBV. Key inputs for the gate are available on 1/4"" TRS phono jack connectors.
Stereo or dual mono operation of gating, compression and limiting

Separate expander/gate, compressor and limiter sections

Comprehensive control system, including bass enhancement

Clean, musical signal path

Stereo or dual mono operation