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Qphonics Xenon 6 Digitale Mengtafel. Compacte en gebruiksvriendelijke digitale radio mixer.De XENON is perfect voor kleinere radiostations. Of het nu op locatie is of voor een , on-air , productie of editing studio. Met de Xonon 6 kun je het allemaal.
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Qphonics Xenon 6  - Digitale Broadcast Mengtafel 

Digital audio mixing consoles are famous for their multi-functionality, excellent signal quality, exact signal processing and flexible configuration capabilities.
However, they are also famous for being expensive, complicated, and sometimes overkill for smaller radio stations.
Do you think it is fair that only the big boys have all the toys and fun?

To offer you all the advantages of a digital mixing console, Qphonics DIGITAL has designed the compact and user friendly digital on-air and editing suit called XENON. The XENON is perfect for smaller radio stations. Be it for outside broadcasting, on-air production or for your editing studio the XENON console will meet all of your technical requirements...and most likely exceed them. Relying on a classical design your DJs will find the comfort of an analog console in XENON while enjoying advanced technical and workflow functionalities. XENON provides integrated microphone pre-amplifiers, DSP such as EQ and voice processing, signal routing and configurable GPIs. The control surface is easy to operate, as the console lay-out is clearly arranged and the amount of control elements and displays are optimized. Training and installation time is reduced to a minimum. Control Surface and Electronics Embedded in a Single Device The XENON basic version consists of a six channel fader module and the monitor/ control/master module together with in-/outputs, DSPs, and processors embedded in one piece of equipment. This all-in-one concept helps you to reduce acquisition costs as well as expenses for installation and wiring. Additionally flexibility in application was enhanced: The console is small and compact and can be installed wherever you need it. A six fader extension unit is available. Connect it easily via a single cable to the main unit or separate the XENON surface in two six fader blocks and install it into your studio furniture in a split configuration. Valuable space is saved and the best level of ergonomics achieved for Everyday Broadcasting. Various broadcasters around the world - e.g. broadcasting from the hot, desert-like Australian Outback or from the cold snow-capped Greenland - use XENON for the hard work in their radio stations or OB vans. Their feedback has been very positive: Most notably all XENON users certify that the console is the right choice for any environment. XENON tolerates a wide range of ambient temperatures due to its resistant and tough design. This guarantees reliability and provides a high level of investment security for a long life span. You can use XENON anywhere you need to - as long as you have a power connection.

Easy to use GUI Based Setup Tool:
You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to install the XENON mixing console! The PC based setup tool is very convenient to handle, as the console surface is mapped on your PC or laptop screen. Simply click on a corresponding area of the image and a confi guration dialog opens to guide you through the setup process. That doesn't mean that you can't adapt the XENON extensively to your individual requirements. Via a serial connection cable all individual settings are transmitted to the console as soon as the confi guration is completed. No PC is required for normal 'day to day' operation. A stereo level meter and a meter bridge are available options for advanced monitoring purposes. Combining Ergonomic German Design and a User Friendly Lay-Out The first impression of the XENON is determined by its aesthetical look, but it is the sense of touch that really lets you experience the quality of its surface. KLOTZ DIGITAL uses premium operating elements, e.g. rotary controls, knobs, pots, faders, etc., with maximum grip and best tactile sensation. To facilitate ease of use we have chosen a clear color contrast for the different operating elements. The Fader Module: Each channel strip of the fader module is equipped with a professional fader with KLOTZ DIGITAL's unique fader knob. Any signal is assignable to any fader. Large ON/OFF buttons, a CUE button for pre-fade listening, alternate A/B source selection and an individual BUS assignment to the three main busses PGM, REC and UTL complete the fader module.

The Monitor/Control/Master Module
XENON's monitor/control/master module offers you a good combination of useful features avoiding an overkill of operating elements. The built-in level meter instrument on top of the monitor/control/master module consists of a high resolution stereo level meter with 2x40 LEDs. Assign them either to the PGM or REC busses or to the CR-Monitor section acting as ""see what you hear"" function! The incorporated central control unit offers a quick survey and control of the primary channel parameters of any selected source. Parameters such as Gain, Pan/Bal,48V phantom power, stereo/mono/LL/RR and a roll-off fi lter are adjustable through the central rotary encoder. Additional settings referring to the metering and central control unit are available via the XENON Setup Tool. Report Input XENON comes equipped with an audio input directly mounted on the control surface - the Reporter Input. It provides the benefi t of a convenient and quick connection of temporarily used devices such as portable audio recorders or MP3 players.

Naturally your studio, like any studio, will be equipped with loudspeakers and headphones, which will let you hear what you are doing while you are on air or producing a show.Of course you know that speakers must be muted as soon as a fader for a microphone in the control room is opened to avoid feedback. To alleviate monitoring, XENON offers separate control room and studio monitoring including the individual selection of all busses and predefi ned external monitoring sources. The XENON mute-logic determines the appropriate loudspeaker muting in the same room as soon as the respective microphone is opened avoiding feedback automatically. Monitor functions such as Auto-CUE and Split-Monitor offer the highest comfort. Likewise a separate volume control for an external CUE speaker is available.
Meter Rules
Whether recording or broadcasting, you always aim for the best level of sound. The built-in stereo level meter assists you in achieving this goal. If you prefer the old-established way to monitor levels, the way you are used to from working with analog consoles, a XENON meter bridge is available. The meter bridge is not mandatory, but can be added at any time. It is equipped with a VU and PPM meter to monitor the three main busses at the same time. A monitoring speaker is included - avoiding the necessity of external monitoring equipment. External CUE Channels - Ensure Ease of Integration! XENON has two additional ""hidden"" channels which are used for remote controlled CUEing. Connect Radio Automation Systems with a dedicated CUE output here to make use of a fully automated CUEing routine. The corresponding trigger is simply established with any of the GPI inputs. Talkback Communication is a critical factor for the daily work in a radio station. Most participants of a radio show wear headphones or call-in. For this purpose XENON provides big Talkback buttons for known targets, such as the studio/speaker booth, telephones or a freely defi nable TB destination in the facility. Additional TB functions are confi gurable. No External Headphone Amplifier Required! XENON is equipped with three headphone jack sockets, each with its own amplifi er circuit, to avoid interaction of headphones with different impedances and overloaded circuits. Two of the jack sockets are located directly on the control surface. The third one is located on the chassis and offers an option for wiring of guest headphones.

6 faders [compact or split arrangement]
- 17 channel input pool
- 4 MIC/Line
- 4 digital and 7 stereo
- 2 mono inputs
- 4 stereo busses: PGM, REC, UTL, CUE
- 2 mono clean-feeds
- High quality EQ and Dynamics
- Snapshots and channel presets
- Macro programmable function keys
- Programmable GPI inputs and outputs