BW Broadcast RBRX ReBroadcast Encore

BW Broadcast RBRX Encore is een hoge kwaliteit FM ontvanger speciaal gemaakt voor ""re-broadcast"" het heruitzenden van een bestaand FM signaal zonder kwaliteit verlies.Het apparaat heeft een interne Stereo en RDS encoder die een zwak signaal regenereert en is volledig DSP gestuurd. Perfecte kwaliteit voor een redelijke prijs, wat wil je nog meer?
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BW Broadcast RBRX Encore DSP gebaseerde analoge Re-Broadcast Ontvanger.

Improving on the RBRX1, voted the ‘world’s best’ FM re-broadcast receiver was not an easy task. Through continued integration of the SONY’s patented noise reduction technology and advances in BW Broadcast’s audio processing the RBRX Encore delivers FM stereo separation that will have listeners raving.
If that wasn’t enough – BW Broadcast has added a second DSP tuner to the unit, offering full diversity reception from its two antenna inputs. We have also added options for HD, AM, DAB and DAB reception – making the RBRX Encore the only full complete analogue and digital professional multi-standard rebroadcast receiver and tuner on the market.
The sound is cleaner than ever before due to further enhancements to the built in DSPX audio limiter and stereo generator. The RDS Encoder capabilities have increased so now there is more monitor and decode facilities for those that wish to use it as an analyser or monitor. The demodulated audio can also be streamed over IP to remote locations which are invaluable for radio engineers who are out of the coverage zone but want to make adjustments or listen to the unit’s reception.
Peace of mind for station owners and engineers has been increased through upgraded audio backup facilities. The audio can now be stored as MP3 and AAC files on both the internal memory and external USB sticks. The RBRX Encore also supports decoding of audio over IP streams for backup purposes.
We know that engineers expect more from their hardware investments these days. The RBRX Encore has been built on BW Broadcast’s new Encore platform which takes it far beyond being just a tuner. It’s an audio switcher, a stereo generator, an RDS encoder, an audio backup device, a remote control, a monitoring solution and so much more. The RBRX Encore supports SNMP, Telnet, Serial, HTTP API and a fully HTML5 web remote that is fully Mobile optimised and compatible. It even supports BW Broadcast’s Virtual rack portal which removes the need for router configuration or port forwards.


*Adjustment of over 50 parameters
*Control of blending levels and attack & release times
*Factory presets and user stored settings
*Ethernet and serial connections for remote control
*DSP enhanced MPX output
*RDS PI code checking to prevent hijacking or jamming ofrepeater
*Silence detection and source switching technology
*2GB of internal audio backup
*Built-in RDS encoder
*2 DSP tuners now offer full diversity reception from both antenna inputs.
*Now includes AM reception as standard.
*The only truly analogue and digital rebroadcast receiver on the market offering HD, DAB & DAB options.
*Stream demodulated audio over IP so you can listen and make adjustments even when you’re out of the coverage zone. 

*Enhanced DSP audio limiter & stereo generator for even clearer sound quality.
*Upgraded audio backup facilities – MP3 & AAC files can be stored on internal or external USB sticks.