Sielco FM Zender EXC 5000 Watt mono MPX

Sielco 5000 Watt FM zender bied regionale radio omroepen uitstekende prestaties en super audio kwaliteit. Compact van formaat en licht van gewicht bied deze zender een hoog rendement. Ook kunnen wij plaatsing en stokkemasker meting verzorgen.
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SielCo 5 kw FM Zender Mono MPX EXC5000GX.

Their great efficiency and versatility, due to 3 intrinsic factors: decreased weight, minimal size and reduced consumptions.
As per all the GX devices, deciding to buy an EXC5000GX represents a winning choice because it allows to obtain remarkable benefits for all the product life. Once bought, it ensures savings on the transport costs and rent burdens of the station where it is installed only for its small size and weight.

Even more important, also during its normal job it pays back day by day, thanks to the lowest electrical costs of its class which minimize the electric bill.
EXC5000GX is convenient also at the moment of the installation: it is operative in a blink and it is easy to set up thanks to an intuitive control interface  common to all GT models equipped of a detailed LCD graphic display, a multifunction practical knob and few other buttons.

This remarkable basic flexibility can be even increased by other important options, as the Telemetry / Remote Control System possible through GSM cellular networks or internet, the Ethernet connectivity with SNM P protocol, the high quality Stereo Encoder, the Digital Audio input conforming to the AES/EBU directive and the RS232/485 Serial Remote Control ports which enable an easier integration with other machines in a system. The modern and attractive shape of GT transmitters reflects the trustable modular project philosophy aimed to reduce the number of maintenance interventions and make them easier to minimize the relevant costs. All that is completed by an efficient Sielco post-sale service, ensuring the best trust for the final user.


* Digital control
* Compact Chasis
* Frequency Agile - User can select any channel from 87.6 MHz to 108MHz.
* Auto Power Control - Output power is maintained at your selected level, both forward and reflected power are diplayed on the front panel.
* Display -Blue coloredscreen provide easy viewing off all parameters under high ambient light.
* Transmitter fulfils CCIR AND FCC standards.
* Extensive transmitter protection minimizes system downtime.
*Audio/mpx input level -3.5 ÷ 12.5 dBm adjustable
*Adjustable at 10kHz steps
*Pre-enphasis 50 ~s ±3% (0, 25, 50, 75 ~s selectable)
*Audio/mpx input impedance 10k/600 ohm balanced
*Deviation limiter from 0 to 7dB adjustable