Sielco STL Link Reportage verbinding

Sielco STL Audio verbding EXC-RTX 18/25 2-9 STL 200 -960 Mhz is een zeer hoge kwaliteit STL / audio link deze is actief zijn op SHF omroepband.In nederland by uitstek geschikt voor reportage of lokatie uitzendingen.
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Stereo Decoder Board Receiver

Stereo Encoder Board Transmitter

Sielco- STL Link EXC-RTX18B STL - Reportage verbinding

The EXC 18 B RTX 18 B/2-9 pair is a very high quality data link operating on SHF broadcasting band. The design of this equipment derives from the proven EXC/RTX18B series that has received great recognition from the market, as well as for the digital control technology introduced on the EXC25 FM transmitter. Both the EXC18 transmitter and the RTX18B receiver offer a complete control through display and keyboard either from control panel or remote control. The outstanding modulation characteristics, the low noise and distortion, the wide pass band, the optional stereo encoder and decoder, the easy field programmability all together make the ECX-RTX 18B pair very appealing for their superior quality, reliability and free maintenance. The data link is fully compatible with external digital audio encoders/decoders.

Frequency range:

200-960 MHz in sub-ranges preset in factory
* 200-220MHz
* 215-245MHz
* 240-270MHz
* 300-340MHz
* 340-380MHz
* 400-440MHz
* 430-470MHz
* 840-890MHz
* 890-930MHz
* 930-960MHz


  • * Low noise direct synthesized local oscillator in 100kHz steps.
  • * External programmability of frequency and power with no need of instruments.
  • * Simple and modular internal design for an easy maintenance.
  • * Precise time base, stabilized in temperature.
  • * Wide adjusting range of input/output levels directly accessible on front panel.
  • * High quality optional stereo encoder, field installable (later on) on the transmitter.
  • * High quality optional stereo decoder, field installable (later on) on the receiver.
  • * High efficiency power supply with high range input voltage.
  • * Whole internal digital control without mechanical devices.
  • * Wide and precise monitoring and control either local or remote.
  • * Password protection at different levels of control and programming parameters.
  • * Audio and Mpx inputs/outputs, balanced or unbalanced
  • * RDS/SCA separated input
  • * Frequency deviation monitored on the transmitter display
  • * Input for battery backup with battery charger