SielCo 1 KW FM Eindtrap RFB1000GX

FM Eindtrap / FM Amplifier
SielCo RFB1000GX FM versterker 1000 watt met een regelbaar vermogen van 0 tot 1000 maximale capaciteit. 2U hoog in roestvrij stalen behuizing, licht van gewicht, eenvoudig te programmeren via de LCD-display. Laag energieverbruik, eenvoudig onderhoud en voldoet aan de FCC, CCIR en de EG-normen. Telematrie een optionele functie voor gebruik via GSM.
3.249,00 Excl. BTW
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SielCo RFB1000GX FM Eindtrap 1000 watt.

Sielco1000 watt amp, SielCo The RFB series affordable FM amplifier with an adjustable output from 0 to maximum capacity. 2U high in Stainless steel housing, lightweight, easily programmable via LCD display. Low energy consumption, easy maintenance and complies with FCC, CCIR and EC standards. Telematrie feature is optional to use via mobile networking.


  • - Professional performance, Extreme compactness, reliability and lightness easy maintenance.
  • - High gain amplifier with a very low power consumption
  • - Fully microprocessor-controlled, menu-digital interface for diagnosis and monitoring of all parameters displayed on the LCD.
  • - APC (automatic power control) and foldback protection, safe and reliable operation in every environmental condition.
  • - Manufactured using the latest technologies for safe operation and easy maintenance.
  • - Works perfectly with all Siel telemetry systems