Caliope On-Air Suite Radio Automatisering

Caliope OnAir Suite is een Radio Automatisering Software. En biedt een complete oplossing voor radio automatiserings-oplossingen voor radio uitzendingen, variërend van volledig geautomatiseerd naar live-assist en een combinatie van deze. 
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Caliope On Air Suite | Radio Automatisering Software

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Our software offers web radio stations complete automation solutions for any kind of broadcast, ranging from fully automated to live-assist and any combination of these. The integration of players, planners, libraries, carts into one software package ensures a flexible and user-friendly environment.

Switching from other software to On Air Suite

We have import modules for use with many other software products. Contact us to find out whether we can import the data from the software you are using. If we do not currently support your software, we will investigate the possibilities of creating a data importer for use with your software. Feel free to ask us for more information about this unique switching service!

Multiple stations and localised editions

Besides regular broadcasting, our software excels in the operation of multiple stations and the broadcast of localised editions. Using our advanced edition system, we are able to broadcast localised commercials, news messages to different regions. Combinations of both of these are also possible. In other words, our software is able to operate multiple stations and every station is able to handle multiple editions.


The player plays all the scheduled items, either automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Playlists can be generated automatically or composed manually. Playlists may contain any kind of item, ranging from music to pre-recorded interviews.Every DJ is able to compose, store and load his or her own list in advance. Playlists can be altered either before or during a broadcast. After each alteration, the player recalculates all start and end times of the items to make sure that news items and commercials still start at the correct time.

Crossover editor

Using the incorporated crossover editor, it is easy to mix all your songs to perfection! The crossover editor is also used to record voicetracks and mix them with other items. The crossover editor has 5 predefined settings that ensure that your mix points are always perfect. It is also possible to set the crossover editor to detect optimum cuepoints automatically.

Playlist generator

Playlists are lists containing the items to be broadcasted. Playlists can be generated manually or automatically. Playlists can be changed at any time, even during broadcasts. This especially comes in handy during live-assist broadcasting. A playlist can also contain commands. Commands are items in a playlist that automatically perform certain tasks like controlling external equipment, broadcasting news or broadcasting a series of tracks.

Scheduling Rules

Scheduling Rules are used to create templates for the playlists. The large number of features allow you to direct the playlist towards your audience and thus increase your listenership and advertising revenue.


The library has advanced features for the storing of information about music, performers and musicians. Items are easily found with the help of quick search fields or advanced filters. It is possible to store a great deal of information about each item in the library. The cue point analyser is a very useful tool. With a click of the mouse, On Air Suite analyses all the items in your database and automatically sets all the cue points!


Carts are small players. A cart allows the DJ to start an item, to preview an item or to play a predefined list of items. Each cart can be connected to an audio output, allowing the user to have as many carts as there are audio ports.

Multiple stations

On Air Suite is able to handle multiple stations. It is possible to add an unlimited number of stations to On Air Suite, the only limitations being the hardware configuration. Each station is provided with its own playlists and scheduling rules. The playlists all use the same music database.


On Air suite is designed to be able to work with multiple editions. Initially, one main radio station is created which is associated with multiple editions. The main radio station broadcasts the main playlist, while the editions only play the blocks which differ from the main broadcast (ie local news and commercials). The main station broadcasts the playlist up to the start of a different block. At this point, the different editions take charge of the broadcast. Every different edition starts an 'Edition Player'. The edition players then play one deviating block each. Every edition also can broadcast its own RDS messages..When parallel deviating blocks differ in length, the shorter blocks will be supplemented with 'fillers'. Any item in the library is suitable for use as a filler including station-ID's, short music intros or free commercials. The placing of the fillers (start/end) is user defined. On Air Suite ensures that all Remote Players start at the same time and that they all stop at the same time.Remote players can be installed onto any computer on the same network as On Air Suite's main program, including the computer running the main program. Control of the remote players is via TCP/IP and can be done using any normal LAN or WAN. The number of remote players connected to a computer is only limited by the number of audio ports on the computer.In addition, it's even possible to have multiple stations with multiple editions for each station.


System is used for the configuring and maintenance of On Air Suite.

Playlist Publisher

The Playlist Publisher is an On Air Suite add-on.The Playlist Publisher automatically publishes playlists on the Internet and keeps them up to date. As with all Caliope sofware, the Playlist Publisher is also capable of publishing multiple station and -edition lists. Configurations can be performed from anywhere in the world. The Playlist Publisher can publish playlists in 3 different ways:
*HTML: The Playlist Publisher automatically uploads HTML pages to your website.
*XML: The Playlist Publisher publishes XML pages to your website.
*Server: The Playlist Publisher acts as a webserver. By sending an HTTP request, a web page is displayed.
The Playlist Publisher can generate 3 different views:
*A view displaying all items from an hour before to the present and a view displaying all items from the present until an hour from now.
*A view displaying all items played so far.
*A view displaying all scheduled items. Every view's look and feel can easily be adapted using the incorprated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Request Planner

The Request Planner is an On Air Suite add-on. It allows listeners to, via a website, request special tracks to be played on your station.Every view's look and feel can easily be adapted using the incorporated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

OnAir Suite can be installed on an unlimited amount of PC's. It is not necessary to buy licenses for every PC. However, the actual playout license is limited to 2 PC's; If you have multiple studio's, locations or a mobile studio, you need to buy extra licenses.
Example 1: You have a radiostation with 2 studio's and 1 mobile set for use on location. You have 3 PC's now that can do the playout. You need to buy 1 OnAir Suite license for use in both studio's AND 1 extra playout license for your location set.
Example 2: You have a radiostation with 1 studio, 1 backup system and 1 mobile set for use on location. You have 3 PC's now that can do the playout. You need to buy 1 OnAir Suite license for use in the studio and the backup system AND 1 extra playout license for your location set.