Axel Tech Mr. Light RGB On Air Led Lamp

MR. LIGHT RGB is de nieuwe multifunctionele signaallamp ontworpen voor radio, tv, in de ether, productie en opnamestudio's. De lamp is ook ideaal voor elke andere omgeving waar een signaleringslampje vereist is, zoals audiosalons, vergaderruimtes en kantoren.

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Axel Technology Mr. Light RGB LED Studio On Air Lamp/ Signaal lamp.

MR. LIGHT RGB is the new multipurpose signal lamp designed for Radio, TV, on air, production and recording studios. The lamp is also ideal for any other environment where a signalling light is required such as audio booths, meeting rooms and offices.
It’s highly configurable to match customers’ needs: colour, wording, graphics, brightness and operating mode.
MR. LIGHT RGB has been designed to be easily installed in any environment and condition.
MR. LIGHT RGB is made of high quality components and material that guarantee modern design and no need for maintenance.


  • Multi-coloured RGB LEDs
  • Operating mode: blink, blink 2-colours, pulse always on.
  • Supplied with mounting kit: wall and ceiling
  • Just 1 cable
  • GPIs for remote control.
  • Easy setting for colour and switching mode
  • High availability and low power consumption
  • 12V DC power supply included
  • Customizable wording with Text and graphics (logos, icons, symbols and ideograms)
Power Supply 90-260 Vac / 47-63 Hz 15W
GPI Inputs 2 GPI
Panel Leds 100
Operating Temperature 0°C ÷ 40°C
Dimensions (W; D) 100 x 330 mm
Weight 0.75 Kg