SielCo STL Link verbinding

SielCo EXC19 - RTX19 STL Reportage Radio Link 1.3 -2.5 GHz 5W STL. Hoge kwaliteit STL verbinding. Beschikbare frequenties 1,3-2,5 GHZ in 20 mhz sub banden. Optionele stereocoder-decoder voor het opzetten van een stereo verbinding.
3.549,00 Excl. BTW
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Stereo Encoder

Stereo Decoder

SielCo EXC 19 / RTX 19 STL



 Link verbinding/ Audio link.
The EXC/RTX19 is a modern direct-synthesis, frequency-agile broadcast quality STL (Studio to Transmitter Link), which may be factory preset on a very wide frequency range from VHF to SHF. The design of this equipment derives from a refinement of the time and field proven EXC/RTX18 series, coupled with the extended digital control features introduced on EXC25 and EXC30GT FM transmitter. Both transmitter and receiver offer full digital readout and complete and intuitive front panel control through a simple single jog coupled with extensive remote programmability and monitoring. They are accommodated in an elegant, modern looking and space efficient single unit 19" cabinet which requires exactly half the room of the previous series.

The excellent and even better modulation characteristics, i.e. low noise, distortion and broad pass-band, the performance of the optional internal stereo-encoder and decoder, the on field programmability, makes the EXC/RTX19 a superior choice for a broadcast-grade STL, with reliable and maintenance-free operation.
They also perfectly mate with external digital companding encoders/decoders

Factory preset frequency ranges

1350-1375 MHz
1370-1390 MHz