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D&R Axum is een digitale Broadcast mengtafel gebaseerd op de nieuwste technologie. Afhankelijk van uw wensen kunnen wij een configuratie op maat samenstellen. 
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Axum Digitale Radio Broadcast Mengtafel.

The Axum is a digital modular desktop mixer using the latest, state of the art technology and is network based by using the Ethernet standard. The AXUM is the result of the experience gained with the successful SIRIUS, SCORPIUS and LYRA range of consoles. A nice looking modular control surface is combined with intelligent reset able digital functions. Customizing to your station or personal requirements has never been that easy. Purchasing choices are straightforward: there are two 19" frames. RACK ONE can hold a maximum of 19 pcs of I/O cards and RACK TWO can accept 40 (19 21) pcs of I/O cards. A control surface starts with 4 faders as a minimum and can be extended to a maximum of 48 motorized faders plus master section(s). We have incorporated a new way of interfacing with studio equipment by use of high quality low cost readily available STP cable, also called shielded RJ45 Ethernet cable. Each individual control surface frame can be mounted drop through in a work surface left or right of your script space. A TFT Screen, keyboard and Mouse can be hooked up to every frame. An internally generated webpage allows you to remotely control all settings through Ethernet. Comprehensive written high speed meter applications can eventually run on the TFT screen(s). A connector for good old hardware metering is also available. Redundancy is rovided for in many ways. All power supplies can have a back up by an optional redundant power supply that instantly takes over. DSP redundancy is provided for by an optional back up DSP card. Also re-routing of the in-outputs in the internal FPGA (DSP power is not used then) restores audio signals. All I/O cards and control surfaces are hot pluggable and can be replaced while on the air.


*4 to 128 motorized Alps faders
*Faders can be used for channel faders and buss master faders*
*Scaleable On-Air/Production Console*S
*Separated control surfaces and I/O racks
*No PC onboard.
*Control surfaces connected by Ethernet.
*Internal website for console setup.
*I/O matrix of 1280 x1280.
*32 sum buses (Stereo Prog, Sub, Cue, Comm, 12x Aux) and 16 CRM busses.
*Inputs can directly assigned to the outputs.
*128 Stereo DSP channels max (4 DSP Cards inserted)
*Digital gain control.
*6 band comprehensive EQ.
*Direct outputs available.
*Converters are 24bit/96kHz.
*Remote in/out.
*Sample Rate Converter optional.
*CobraNet option.
*Redundant power supply optional for both
*Control Surface and I/O rack.
FRAME-10 accepts 3x4 fader sections or 2x4 fader sections plus 2x CRM section. (or 1x CRM/1xBlank)
FRAME-14 accepts 4x4 fader sections or 3x4 fader sections plus 2x CRM section. (or 1x CRM/1xBlank)
FRAME-18 accepts 5x4 fader sections or 4x4 fader sections plus 2x CRM section. (or 1x CRM/1xBlank)
FRAME-22 accepts 6x4 fader sections or 5x4 fader sections plus 2x CRM section. (or 1x CRM/1xBlank)
FRAME-26 accepts 7x4 fader sections or 6x4 fader sections plus 2x CRM section. (or 1x CRM/1xBlank)
All control surfaces have redundant power supply as an option.



 Matrix up to 1280x1280.
Word clock input or internal generator.
Word clock input or internal generator.
32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz.
Word clock out 75R.
Selectable 75 Ohm termination on word clock input.

I/O Cards:

32 bit floating point processing.
32 stereo channels.
32 mixing busses.(Program|Sub|Cue|Comm|24x Aux)
6 band fully parametric equalizer.


Electronically balanced, 2Kohm.
Analog input sensitivity -70dBu up to 20dBu (Pad).
CMRR MIC inputs: 85dB @ 1kHz, maximum gain.
Optional transformer balancing.

Line input

Electronically balanced, 10kOhm.
Input sensitivity 6 dBu, maximum 26dBu.
CMRR Line inputs: 50dB @ 1kHz, maximum gain.
Optional transformer balancing.

Line Output

Electronically balanced, <47Ohm.
Output level 6dBu, maximum output level 26 dBu.
Optional transformer balancing.

CRM Output

Electronically balanced, <47 Ohm.
Output level 6dBu, maximum output level 26 dBu.
Optional transformer balancing.
Headphones out:
- 80mW into 600R.
- minimum load 8 Ohm.

Digital Inputs/Output

Sample rate conversion.
AES/EBU (AES3), S/P-DIF (cinch or optical).
16/20/24 bit.
THD N: -105dBfs @1kHz, 0 dBFS.
Input/Output impedance: 110 Ohm (XLR) / 75 Ohm (Cinch).
Output level: 2 to 5 volt


5V TTL, 100 kOhm input impedance


Selection of optical isolated relay or 5V TTL output
Optical isolated relays is max: 50V at 200mA

AXUM dimensions for drop through mounting

4 fader segments:
Width                         : 192mm
Height                        : 399mm
Drop through hole      : 380mm x 192mm
Front Panel Thickness: 3.5mm

CRM section:

Width                         :96mm
Height                        : 399mm
Drop through hole     : 380mm x 96 mm
Front Panel thickness: 3.5mm

Patch panels are

1HE and 19" rack mountable.
There are 6 models to choose from.