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AXEL Shark RDS Encoder Digitale RDS coder.Stand-alone digitale RDS-encoder .
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AXEL Tiger Shark-R RDS Encoder

Digital RDS coder.Stand-alone digital RDS encoder RDS Cenelec compliant Two RDS programming modes: UECP-compliant or extended (for greater flexibility in the RDS messages management)￿
Event scheduler supporting multiple PS, RT and Pin/PTY broadcasting on a 'round the clock' daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. RDS characters customizable for different countries Automatic sequencing of up to 64 PS, with scrolling effects associated.
Flexible summation of an external MPX signal to the self-generated RDS signal. [Shark's specifications and operation have been accurately designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the FM Stereo encoding and in the RDS generation. Although Shark range is primarily addressed to big FM radio broadcasters and syndicated FM Networks, the design has been carefully budgeted in order to make Shark's technology affordable for small radio stations or local broadcasters, too. Its outstanding features (such as large tele-control capabilities, input stages overcoming STL signal alterations and overshoots, emergency MPX signal switchover) make Shark particularly suitable for installation at the remote transmitter sites, receiving processed audio via STLs and directly driving the FM exciters.
Featuring the Universal Encoder Communications Protocol (UECP), the Shark RDS coder can be easily interfaced to hard disk automation systems and offers a standardized interface which supports song and artist identification and much more. In addition to UECP methods, RDS programming has been also enriched with larger PS and RT sets (also available in dynamic mode) and with powerful scheduling capabilities. A dedicated Pc control software (BSN) comes with the units. It allows remote / direct monitoring and control of all the encoder sections (from the generation of the RDS and MPX signals to the input levels). The software is also a useful tool for the centralized control of Shark encoders installed at remote transmitting sites, where the units can be addressed either individually or within groups. A 'textual' Configuration Editor allows parameter setting saving, recalling and even duplicating