Yellowtec Mika YT3201 M Mic Arm

Yellowtec Mika YT3201 M Mic Arm Deze  YT3205 studiomicrofoonarm biedt "" On Air "" signalering en heeft een elegante constructie met een enkele buis met scharnierende verbindingen en interne veren. Hij ondersteunt microfoons van maximaal 4,5 lbs (2 kg) en is intern bedraad met open kabel einde. De gebruiker dient zelf de juiste connectoren te monteren.
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Colour YT3200-Grey

Yellowtec Mika YT3201 M Mic Arm

The Yellowtec Mika Series is a stylish, integrated system for mounting and positioning microphones and flat panel monitors in studio and workstation applications, giving an elegant visual appearance for all the 'desktop furniture' in a studio.
This MIKARM studio mc boom features elegant single tube construction with articulated joints and internal springs. It supports microphones weighing up to 4.5 lbs (2 kg), and is internally wired with open cable tails for user fitting of connectors. It's 31.5 inches (80cm) long from the top to the bottom friction joint, and sports a natural aluminum finish. It requires mounting hardware such as the BUSHING or CLAMP (sold separately). You can also attach the MIKARM to the optional POLE-17 or POLE-33 for further flexibility. (See Related Items at right)
And if you have flat-screen monitors that need mounting, there is the outstanding monarm
The M!ka by Yellowtec integrated modular system lets you arrange the microphones and flat panel monitors in your studio or workstation efficiently and elegantly. Stylish, yet solid, each component works with its mates to let you customize a setup unique to your needs.

Length: 78,7 cm

Available in XL and M size
Sturdy aluminium tube construction
Durable, silk-mat anodized finish
Interiour coil spring system supports microphones up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs)
Adjustable friction joints
Fully compatible with m!ka MMS elements
Hidden wiring through tubes and joints
Open ended cable tails
Various mounting strategies available
Long-lasting quality designed in Germany
**XLR connectors not supplied