Axel Tech Falcon 3i 4 Band FM Processor

Falcon 3i is een Digital Audio Processor, een stereo generator en een (optionele) RDS encoder, speciaal ontworpen voor FM-radio-uitzending en Webradio. De  Falcon 3i audioprocessor is gebaseerd op technologie gewijd aan DSP en is een 4-band audio processor.
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RDS UECP Encoder Board Option

Axel Technology 3i 4 Band FM Audio Broadcast Processor.

Axel Technology's New 4 band broadcast audio processor for a great price!
Falcon 3i is a Digital Audio Processor, a Stereo Generator and an (optional) RDS encoder, all in a single device, specificallydesigned for FM radio broadcast market, Webradio and Satellite.The audio processor Falcon 3i is based on technology dedicated to DSP architecture with a 4-band audio processing.
The Stereo Generator Fully digital, you can create a Multiplex signal with absolute precision. To complete Falcon 3i, aRDS Encoder that provides a fully digital RDS static service.
Falcon 3i provides the broadcaster advanced features,providing an excellent signal that ensures total reliability and stability in modulation.The features available on the Audio Processor is complete and fully customizable control 4-band compression, and drivewith customizable threshold, a powerful dual-band AGC, a three-band equalizer for Low-Middle-High frequency andcontrol of Brilliance. The control of the phases of monophonic audio, gives the sound of the human voice a more naturaland pleasant listening, while the final limiter drive maximizes the presence of sound. The soundprint of each channel canbe created from one of ten preset audio files already on Falcon 3i, and save it on the equipment to retrieve it according tothe program, it is also possible to preset a command through the GPIn port.Onboard Audio Processor there‟s a digital tone generator sample frequency and variable amplitude, available on analogoutput, digital and MPX output for accurate calibration and fair view of the network.
The Composite Clipper place on theStereo Generator provides the highest level of modulation, within the limits of deviation required by regulations worldwide.Falcon third makes the sound of each issuer unique and free of artifacts.The Falcon 3i front panel has two large LCD displays, the first LCD shows the whole process input and output from theaudio processor, including the amount of intervention on each single compressor band, the limiting introduced by themultiband limiter, the AGC level, input and output levels of audio sources analog, digital and MPX. The second displayshows all Falcon 3i parameters such as preset on the air, RDS station name, GP In and GP Out status. Again on thefront panel there is a headphone output for monitoring the audio process introduced by the Falcon 3i. So it‟s simple tohear the difference between the original audio and the processed one.

Optional RDS Encoder

The internal RDS encoder available as an option, provides two DataSet, each with a wide range of services includingstatic programmable PS 60 messages, 16 RadioText messages, Alternative Frequency (AF) to receive the bestfrequency as a function of 'coverage area, the Traffic Program (TP) / Traffic Announcement (TA) to listen to trafficinformation and functions such as EON, M/S, DI, CT, PI, PTY, PIN. The switching between the DataSet can occur byserial commands, GPIO or TCP/IP from a radio automation system. The RDS encoder complies with UECP SPB490The connectivity of Falcon 3i is complete and manifold. The rear panel features balanced XLR connectors for theconnection of the inputs and outputs in analog and digital AES / EBU. As regards the part MPX are available two outputsindividually buffered and independent for the signal MPX RDS, plus two additional inputs AUX (SCA) with differentfunctionality. An AUX input (SCA) expressly intended use of external RDS encoder, while a second input is able to switchthe audio from another processor MPX and create a subnet managed by an automation system.
All outputs are equippedwith hardware bypass in case of fault of the apparatus.For remote connections are available an Ethernet TCP/IP (on option) a RS232 serial port, a USB port and a connectionport GP In and GP Out to optocouplers and open collector representing the operating states and alarms.

Falcon 3i canbe controlled remotely via Windows-based client software or through a common http thanks to the web server (on option).Universal power supply 90-264Vac 47-63Hz to operate in any region of the world Falcon 3i occupies 1 rack unit 19 ""Falcon 3i for all of its features is the audio processor and RDS encoder with the best quality / price ratio on the market.


- 4-Band digital stereo audio processor
- Analog and aes/ebu input and output over XLR
- 2 MPX outputs and 2 aux inputs 
- Stereo generator with MPX clipper
- Digital RDS encoder, 2 dataset (optional
- AGC, brilliance control, speech detector, 3-band eq
- USB, serial, 4 GP in - 4 GP out
- Front headphone output
- Hardware bypass



Dimension 434x351x44mm (1 rack unit)
AC Rate 230Vac / 110Vac 50 Hz / 60 Hz 30VA
Type of power supply Switching power supply
Processing architecture Fully digital, based on DSP 24bit/100Mhz. Signal processing is performed by phase
linear filter
Weight ≈ 3 Kg
Operating Temperature -5°C / 50°C


A/D Conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta Conversion (Crystal CS4272)
Connectors: XLR, female - Electronically balanced
AD Clipping Point 20.0dBu
Operative Nominal Level: From –12.0dBu to 12.0dBu (0.1dBu Step)
Line Impedance 10 kΩ (Electronically balanced selectable) EMI–suppressed
Distortion: less than 0.01% TDH NOISE (0.0dBu 1Khz)
AD Dynamic Range: 108 dB RMS (110 dB A weighted)
Input Modes: Stereo, Mono (Left), Mono (Right), Mono (Left Right)


Connectors: XLR, female – Electronically balanced
Format AES3/EBU
Sample rates 32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 64 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz with src and jitter correction
Operative Nominal level: From 0.0 dBFs to -24dBFs (0.1 dBu step)
Dynamic Range: 125 dB (Typ), 122 dB (Min)
Distortion less than 0.01% TDH NOISE (0.0dBu 1Khz)
Input Modes: Stereo, Mono (Left), Mono (Right), Mono (Left Right)


D/A Conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta Conversion (Crystal CS4272)
Connectors XLR, male - Electronically balanced
Output Level -12.0dBu to 14.0dBu (0.1dBu Step) – Max ( 19dBu)
Impedance Source 10 Ω
Load Impendance 600 Ω or greater
Distorsion Less than 0.01% TDH NOISE (0.0dBu @ 1Khz)
Connectors: XLR, Male – Electronically balanced
Format AES3/EBU
Sample rates 32 kHz / 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 64 kHz / 88.2 kHz / 96 kHz with src and jitter correction
Resolution 16 bit – 20 bit – 24 bit
Operative Nominal level: From 0.0 dBFs to -24dBFs (0.1 dBu step)
Dynamic Range: 125 dB (Typ), 122 dB (Min)
Distortion less than 0.01% TDH NOISE (0.0dBu 1Khz)
Input Modes: Stereo, Mono (Left), Mono (Right), Mono (Left Right)


Digital Inputs GPIn 4x GP In optocoupled
Digital Outputs GPOut 4x GP Out Open Collector optoisolated
Serial Interface 1x RS-232 Serial protocol ports EMI filtered
USB 1x Universal Serial Bus port – B type EMI filtered
Ethernet Port and Parser ASCII
Ethernet port by option, over RJ45 connector with web server interface.