Axel Tech Macrotel X1 /X2 Telefoon Hybrid

Axel Technology MACROTEL X1 is een Telefoon hybride met ultieme geluidskwaliteit. Het beheert een POTS / PSTN-lijn met een optionele GSM-module.
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Levertijd: 3-7 Dagen

GSM Option

Axel Technology Macrotel X1 & X2

GSM/POTS Digitale Telefoon Hybrid.

Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2 are AxelTech’s Digital Telephone Hybrid third generation designed for a supreme audio quality.
Macrotel X1 manages one POTS/PSTN line while Macrotel X2 can operate on two POTS/PSTN lines. 
Moreover, for every landline is available a switching “land-to-wireless mode” through one or two optional Quad Band GSM modules so to establish telephone connection where wired lines are not available.
Macrotel X1 and Macrotel X2’s telephone interface perfectly suits every phone line specs all over the world (country selectable via remote control software).



1 and 2 line models
POTS/PSTN and GSM Quad Band (option)
Digital AGC processor with 2 band EQ
Echo canceller and noise gate
Balanced XLR I/O (mic/line)
Auto answer and disconnection
Remote control software
Clear audio and natural sound
19” 1u rack
Remote control from any mixing console
Automatic line compensation
Send/Receive audio level adjustment
Grafical display
Direct setting by front panel
Internal PSU 90-260 Vac 50/60Hz on VDE connector

Inputs & Outputs

2 Balance analog input on XLR -
2 Balance analog output on XLR
RJ11 connector for POTS line connection (n.2 X2, n.1 X1)
RJ11 connector for Tel Set connection (n.2 X2, n.1 X1)
DB15 – 4 GPI and 4 GPO Programmable.
USB Type B for remote connection
2 RS 232 Serial interface on DB9 female connector

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