ProFM TD1 Broadcast FM Tuned Dipool gestapelde Antenne Systeem

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Pro FM Broadcast
ProFM TD1 Tuned Dipool gestapelde dipool antenne-installatie geschikt voor de meeste radiostations. Worden vervaardigd op de uitzendfrequentie. Verkrijgbaar in aluminium en roestvrij staal. Complete set van 2 antenne, power splitter en koppeling kabels
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Levertijd: 5-10 Dagen

Power handling

Antenna Material

ProFM TD1 Tuned Dipole Antenna stacked array 2 way

Stacked array of 2 dipoles, powersplitter and coupling cables. ideal for local commercial or community station.
This narowband dipole is antenna constructed in two versions: all alluminium, and all stainless steel.
Because of its construction it can support up to 800w with connector ""N"", 2 - kw of input power with the 7/16 , 3 - kw of 7/8.
This type of antenna is recomended for service of 360 . It's specially manufactured on your desired broadcast frequency.