Denon DN-501C CD-USB Speler

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De DN-501C van Denon biedt eigenlijk alles wat je in een modern radiostation nodig hebt. Afspelen van CD's, tracks op USB memorystick en/of iPod/iPhone (via de USB aangesloten). Allerlei audioformaten worden ondersteund en de DN-501C beschikt zowel over gebalanceerde analoge- als digitale uitgangen.
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Denon DN-501C CD-USB Speler

Answering the need for a compact player with professional features, the new 1U DN-501C offers versatile playback options from CD and USB storage in addition to iDevice connectivity, making it perfect for any installation that requires music playback via an easy-to-use and fully controllable device.

Media Playback
Housed in a compact 1U rack-mountable chassis, the DN-501C Media/CD Player offers true audio source versatility in a professionally featured media player. In addition to a a slot-loading CD mechanism for playback of CDs, MP3 CDs and CD-DA (.cda), the unit features a front USB port for connection to USB storage and iDevices. Playback compatible covers a wide range of formats including WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, M4A and AAC.
The unit also supports copying from CD source direct to USB storage in WAV format.

Professional Connections
Designed for professional use, the DN-501C features versatile connectivity including balanced (XLR) and unbalanced analogue outputs, with AES/EBU and SPDIF digital outs.
Pitch Control
Via the front panel pitch and tempo can be adjusted up to /- 16% in 0.1% increments. Extra functionality can be accessed through the Denon Professional Pitch Control App which enables the user to their iDevice touchscreen to increase or decrease the pitch/tempo as desired, ideal for fitness, music practice, dance etc. where maintaining the original key of the music while making tempo changes is useful.

Direct Control
The front panel is designed for ease of use in environments where ease of access to the audio source and transport commands is imperative, and further includes five front panel hot start buttons that provide direct access to specific audio files, cue to audio, program playback and a bright OLED display with end monitor and finish mode features to signal the end of the audio track.

Remote Control
Where direct control is not practical, the DN-501C can be also controlled using a variety of remote control interfaces including an IR handset, Parallel GPIO, RS232C and Denon Professionals RC-F400S Hot Start serial remote controller.

  •  Supports CDDA/WAV/MP3/AAC/AIFF audio file formats
  •  USB mass storage device playback
  •  Direct digital playback of iPod/iPhone via USB
  •  OLED high contrast display
  •  Slot-in CD drive
  •  3-phase brush-less motor for spindle
  •  Full professional outputs incl. balanced XLR analog and XLR AES/EBU
  •  Dedicated CUE button
  •  Compatible with Denon Professionals Pitch Key App for iOS devices
  •  16% (0.1 % step) pitch control for CD and USB file with/without master key control
  •  Program play
  •  Supports copying CD data to USB storage as WAV file (ripping)
  •  RS-232c serial controllable
  •  IR controllable with included IR remote control
  •  100-230V switching power supply
  •  Compatible with the Denon Pro RC-F400S Hot Start remote
  •  Removable rack ears
  • Digital Audio System
    • System: CD/Media Player
    • Compatible media: CD Media, USB flash memory ,USB HDD, iPod/iPhone
    • Playable formats, file systems
      • CD: CD-DA (CD TEXT), CD-ROM (ISO9660)
      • USB: FAT16/FAT32/HFS
    • Playable WAV Format
      • Extension: WAV
      • Resolution: 16 bit, 24 bit
      • Sampling frequency: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
    • Playable AIFF Format
      • Extension: AIFF, AIF
      • Resolution: 16 bit, 24 bit
      • Sampling frequency: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
    • Playable MP3 Format
      • Extension: MP3
      • Bit rate: 32 – 320 kbps and VBR
      • Sampling frequency: 48, 44.1 kHz
    • Playable AAC Format
      • Extension: M4A
      • Compression method: AAC-LC
      • Bit rate: 64 – 320 kbps and VBR
      • Sampling frequency: 48, 44.1 kHz
    • Number of channels: 2 (stereo), 1 (mono)
    • Audio frequency characteristics: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
    • S/N ratio: More than 105 dB (A-Weighted)
    • Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.005 %
    • Dynamic range: More than 105 dB (for 24 bit WAV playback)
    • Channel separation: Less than –106 dB
    • Variable pitch width: –16 % – 16 % (0.1% step)
    • Variable Output trim adjustment width: ±2.0dB (0.1dB step)
  • Output
    • 0 dBu=0.775 Vrms
    • 0 dBV=1.0 Vrms
      • Type: XLR(1:GND, 2:Hot, 3:Cold)
      • Load impedance: Over 600 Ω/ohms
      • Output level: 6dBV ( 8.23dBu)(600Ω/ohms Load)
      • Output level setting: 24dBu, 20dBu, 18dBu, 6dBV (0dBFS Reference)
      • Type: RCA terminal
      • Load: impedance Over 10 kΩ/kohms
      • Output level: 6dBV (10kΩ/kohms Load)
      • Output level setting: 10dBV, 6dBV, 4dBV (0dBFS Reference)
      • Type: XLR(1:GND, 2:Hot, 3:Cold)
      • Output impedance: 110 Ω/ohms
      • Format: IEC-60958(AES/EBU)
      • Type RCA terminal
      • Output impedance: 75 Ω/ohms
      • Standard output level: 0.5 Vp-p
      • Format: IEC-60958(COAXIAL)
    • HEADPHONE OUT: 20 mW/32 Ω/ohms
  • Others
    • Maximum storage capacity: Up to 2 TB
    • Maximum file size: 2 GB
    • Maximum number of files: 2000 files (for 1 folder)
    • Maximum number of folders: 1000 folders
    • Maximum number of folder hierarchies: 8 (under the root directory)
    • Maximum file name length: 255 characters
    • Maximum folder name length: 255 characters
  • General
    • Power supply
      • AC 120 V, 60 Hz (U.S.A and Canada models)
      • AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz (European, U.K and Asia/Pacific models)
    • Power consumption
      • 30 W
      • 0.4 W (standby)
    • Environmental conditions
      • Operating temperature: 5 – 35 °C
      • Operating humidity: 25 – 85 %, no condensation
      • Storage temperature: –20 – 60 °C