Telos HX6 Talkshow Hybride System

De Telos HX6 Talkshow Hybrid System is een geavanceerd zes-line Telefoon systeem van Telos. HX6 werkt met POTS telefoonlijnen, en is uitgerust met een dubbele hybriden voor hoogwaardige conferencing dezelfde geavanceerde derde generatie DSP-technologie.
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System Hx6 Six-Line VSet6

Telos HX6 Talkshow Hybrid System 6 lijnen.

Say hello to Hx6, the advanced six-line Talkshow system from Telos. Equipped with powerful Telos hybrids and a full suite of audio processing capabilities, including our renowned Digital Dynamic EQ, Hx6 extracts excellent caller audio from even the most unruly far-end connections. Hx6 works with POTS phone lines, and comes equipped with dual hybrids for high-quality conferencing the same advanced third-generation DSP technology used in the best-selling Telos Hx1 and Hx2 telephone hybrids. With its huge feature set and superior sound quality, Hx6 gives an instant audio upgrade to any broadcaster who puts phone calls on-air, from song requests or morning show phoners to full-up call-in talk shows. Hx6 represents the new breed of Telos talkshow systems, built to deliver the cleanest, most consistent call quality possible from even the most challenging calls. Hx6 combines two advanced telephone hybrids (each with its own independent AGC, noisegate, and caller override dynamics) with Telos' famous Digital Dynamic EQ, a sophisticated multiband equalizer which analyzes and adjusts received audio spectral characteristics so that calls sound smooth and consistent despite today's wide variety of phone sets and connection types. All of this is optimized using carefully-tuned DSP algorithms. But there's more: Hx6 features caller audio sweetening, provided by the audio processing experts at Omnia, along with special echo cancellation to help tricky VoIP and cell-phone calls sound their best, and anti-feedback routines that tackle the acoustic feedback that plagues open speaker applications.
Like all Telos talkshow systems, the Hx6 front panel is simpleand informative, with separate send and receive meters for eachhybrid, a Program-On-Hold audio presence indicator, a high-resolutionOLED display for setup, and navigation keys for quickadjustments.
Around back, you'll find audio I/O, GPIO, and Telco connections.Hx6 comes in versions that work with analog or digital phonelines, which connect directly to 6 POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) lines. Separateanalog or optional AES digital I/O is provided for each hybrid.Additional features include a Program-On-Holdinput, GPIO connections for speaker muting or ring tallies, andEthernet-based remote setup and administration.
The Ethernet port on the back panel lets you connect up to 6 Telos VSet6 phone controllers.This Ethernetport is also Livewire-qualified for connecting to Axia consolesand networks. Through that jack, Hx6 audio, hybrid control and mix-minus for all six phone lines travel on one CAT-5 cable. Livewire Setup is simple: plug it into your Axia network, do some fast web-based configuration, and your talent can control Hx6 right from your Axia iQ console. The Ethernet jack also provides access for remote call-screening applications that run on your producer's PC.
Beautiful new Telos VSet6 six-line phone controllers with large, colorful VGA LCDdisplays provide Hx6 users with intuitive operation and setup. Telos-exclusive StatusSymbols provide producers and talent with animated, high-contrast icons thatcommunicate line and caller status at a glance, ensuring that phone segments arealways smooth and error-free.VSet6 makes it easier than ever to run a fast-paced, high-energy talkshow with accuracy and efficiency.
Hx6 also integrates with XScreen Lite call screening software from Broadcast Bionics, provided at no cost with every Hx6 system.


  • Six line capacityworks with POTS (analog) phone lines.
  • Our most advanced digital hybrids, with DSPalgorithms optimized for superior performance with today'swide variety of incoming call types.
  • Telos DDEQ (DigitalDynamic EQ) and adjustable smart-level AGC ensure spectrallyconsistent audio from call to call - even on notoriously toughcellular calls.
  • Excellent trans-hybrid loss of >55dB.
  • Smooth,proven, symmetrical wide-range AGC by the audio processingexperts at Omnia Audio.
  • Studio adaptation and a subtle,inaudible pitch shifter to prevent feedback in open-speakerstudio environments.
  • Precision, adjustable caller override.
  • VSet6 phone controllers with VGA LCD displays and StatusSymbols for fast, intuitive operation.
  • Caller ID for both analogand digital telephone connections.
  • Standard analog andLivewire IP-Audio I/O, plus optional AES digital audio I/O.
Frequency Response: ±.5 dB, 50 to 20 kHz (swept sine procedure,measured from analog input to output with unit in loop-back mode)THD N/Input: <0.06% typical (measured at 0dB @ 1kHz analog into AES out in loop-back mode)