AVT MAGIC TH1potsGo Telefoon Hybride

AVT MAGIC TH1potsGo telefoonhybride biedt een POTS-lijninterface en een LAN-interface die optioneel kan worden gebruikt voor Voice-over-IP (met HD Voice). Als audio-interfaces zijn twee analoge audio-ingangen en -uitgangen beschikbaar.
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Levertijd: 7-14 Dagen

MAGIC TH1 DUAL 19%u201D Mounting Kit

GSM Adapter 1 Dual Band (900/1800 MHz)

MAGIC TH1 Extension VoIP & HD Voice

MAGIC TH1 Extension HD Voice

MAGIC TH1 Extension VoIP

AVT MAGIC TH1potsGo Telefoon Hybride /Audio-interfaces

The AVT MAGIC TH1potsGo Telephone Hybrid provides a POTS line interface and a LAN interface which can optionally be used for Voice-over-IP (with HD Voice). As Audio interfaces two analoge Audio inputs and outputs are available.

New Operating Concept

Telefon TH1Due to a completely new operating concept the control of MAGIC TH1potsGo is really simple. A POTS telephone can be connected to the hybrid via which the complete system operation can be done. An incoming call can be accepted with the telephone and you can talk to the caller in Pretalk. With a quickdial key of the telephone the caller can be switched to Hold or On Air. If you would like to talk to the caller again via the telephone, he can be easily switched back - again just by pressing a pre-programmed key of the telephone. Alternative Operation Possibilities System control and configuration can also be done via an HTML5 compatible Webbrowser or the front keypad and the graphical display. Alternatively, four freely programmable GPIO contacts can also be used for control.
A POTS telephone can be connected to MAGIC TH1ipGo or MAGIC TH1potsGo for full system contol. You can accept the incoming call in Pretalk, talk to the caller and switch him to ON AIR or HOLD with the quickdial keys of the telephone. He can also be switched back to the telephone for Pretalk � again just by pressing a single key on the telephone. Of course, you can also dial and call out from the connected telephone. Furthermore, it is possible to switch AGC on or off and to enable/disable Voice Disguise. The caller line can also be locked/unlocked with another quickdial key.
The MAGIC TH1 Go is also available in a cost-efficient bundle together with the POTS Telephone.

VoIP Extension HD Voice

By software upgrade MAGIC TH1potsGo can be extended into a VoIP Telephone Hybrid. The bundle extension already includes the HD Voice feature. In this way, calls from HD Voice compatible telephones can be received in 7 kHz quality. Of course, outgoing calls will also be transmitted in 7 kHz quality (G.722) if the remote side is able to receive it.

  • POTS and IP Telephone Hybrid:

    Single hybrid with analogue Audio interfaces
  • Digital signal processing:

    Digital Echo Canceller, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Expander
  • Pretalk function:

    Via analogue telephone or second Audio interface
  • HOLD Signal:

    Recording of a HOLD signal or external HOLD signal
  • Voice Disguise:

    To protect the caller's identity
  • User-friendly operation via front keypad, analogue telephone or GPIO contacts

  • 1 x POTS interfaces
  • 1 x LAN interface (for control and optionally for Voice-over-IP)
  • 2 x analogue Audio inputs/outputs
  • 1 x PHONE interface for analogue telephone for control
  • 4 x TTL inputs/outputs, 2 x relay contacts
  • Exetrnal 12V power supply
  • Dimensions: 1/2 x 19" x 1U