Microgen FME100 FM Modulatie and AF Spectrum Analyser

FM /AM / DAB Monitoring
Microgen FME100 FM Modulatie and AF Spectrum Analyser , is ontworpen voor precisie controle van de FM-radio-uitzendingen. Aangesloten op een standaard Windows-pc, via een USB-poort, is het gebruikersvriendelijke interface toont alle modulatie gegevens op het scherm voor analyse. 
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Microgen FME100 FM Modulatie and AF Spectrum Analyser     
We are proud to announce the FME100 FM modulation analyser. This compact unit has been designed for precision monitoring of FM Radio Broadcasts. Connected to a standard Windows PC USB port, the user friendly interface displays comprehensive modulation data, for live ‘off-air’ analysis.

The unit has been fitted with two AtoD convertors, one 16 bit sampling the Baseband signal, and a new dedicated 12 bit convertor for measuring the Multipath distortion.

With an advanced ultra linear demodulator, containing dual feedback loops, maintain accuracy over time and temperature, by comparing deviation amplitude and phase to a 20ppm voltage reference band-gap diode. This effectively provides a calibration free instrument. The demodulator itself is virtually distortion-less, leaving only the IF filter response to determine the demodulation.

The supplied appliction, iLogV7, now Windows 8.1 and 10 compatible, provides full GPS support, with the latest Mark 4 high performance SiRFstarIV GPS magnetic receiver modules.

FM Modulation analyser features:
  •  High performance FM receiver and Modulation Analyser
  •  Signal strength 85dB range with frequency scanning
  •  FM deviation 0 to 100kHz with histogram
  •  Modulation Power calculated with 32bit floating-point precision
  •  Multipath XY plot
  •  Pilot 19kHz amplitude
  •  RDS 57kHz and DARC 76kHz sub-carrier amplitude
  •  Left and right channel decoding, with stereo quality vector readout
  •  Automatic logging of signal strength, pilot and RDS carrier
  •  Software remote control with simple text file commands
  •  I2C hardware remote control
  •  12 bit AGC
  •  Stereo blend, user selectable for automatic noise reduction
  • RDS/RBDS decoder features:
  •  Full RDS/RBDS decoding, with signal quality readout.
  •  Decoded groups PI,PTY,PS,RT,CT,PIN,AF,TA,TP,DI,MS,EON
  •  RT messages saved to file
  •  RT decoding with Title and Artist automatically saved to file
  • Deviation: 100kHz to -100kHz
  • Modulation Power:-8dBr to 12dBr (0dBr ref 19kHz)
  • Pilot 19KHZ:dB or %
  • RDS carrier 57KHz:dB or %
  • Signal Strength:85dBu full scale range
  • Multipath:10dBu ful scale range
  • Stereo:0 to 100% modulation
  • Signal I/O connections:
  • Front connections:
  • BNC 50 ohm IF input at 10.7MHz
  • BNC MPX multiplex. Output 50ohms 0dBm at 75KHz
  • BNC 50 ohm IF filter output 240mV RMS at 10.7Mhz with 80dBu antenna signal
  • BNC 50 ohm Alarm 10mA output
  • Rear connections:
  • Jack 3.5mm Stereo monitor for headphone listening
  • BNC Analyser input ~10Kohms 0dBm (FM multiplex or audio spectrum analyser)
  • BNC Antenna input 50ohms
  • USB 1.1 and 2 compatible (Not suitable for non-powered hubs)
  • XLR left and right channels balanced output
FME100 Brochure