BW Broadcast PA1500 V2 1,5 Kwatt FM Eindtrap

De BW Broadcast PA1500 V2 1,5Kw FM Eindtrap is een lichtgewicht FM Eindtrap met een regellbare output. Voor de kleine tot grote radio omroep.
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BW Broadcast PA1500 V2 1500 Watt FM Eindversterker.

Our most powerful FM Amplifier is everything you want from an FM Amplifier, and more. It is quite simply, efficient power amplification, delivered. 

Utilising the core technologies in our FM transmitter range, the PA1500 V2 1500-watt FM RF amplifier is the answer for stations who demand nothing but the best performance from their FM Station. When paired with a BW Broadcast exciter, or other top-quality model, the unique design of the PA1500 V2 contributes unsurpassed reliability to low-power FM transmission systems. 

Compact, lightweight and efficient, the PA1500 V2 has an adjustable output from 25 to 1500 watts. Internal harmonic filtering keeps your RF signal clean and compliant with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations. 

Our gold-clamp transistor technology, along with the slide in power supply, allows the most vulnerable components to be replaced in the field in minutes, giving you piece of mind exactly where you need it. 

Our unique remote control app can be used on any smart device and allows you to access your BW Broadcast equipment. It can be used to monitor or change settings instantly from wherever you are. 

The graphical LCD controller eases the management of power, as well as monitoring of key system variables. The rear panel has a BNC connector for RF input and RF output is via an N-Type socket. 

The PA1500 is based on modern MOSFET devices that are simple, stable and efficient. High power fans draw fresh air through the transmitter's heatsink to keep the transistor and amplifier cool.. Amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely. 

An RS232 control and monitor system can be managed from a standard terminal program or BW Broadcast's included Windows application.

    Integrates seamlessly into your existing broadcast chain to instantly boost your signal strength and increase your coverage area - reach more listeners NOW!

    Hotswap / Slide-in power supplies and 'Gold-clamp Transistors' mean major problems can be easily fix on-site in minutes.

    Ethernet connections & smart phone apps coupled with intelligent alarms & email alerts – Remote Management has never been simpler!

    Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.