BW Broadcast TX50 Watt FM Zender V3 Stereo

De BW Broadcast TX50 V3 is een top specificatie FM-zender die bij uitstek geschikt is voor professionele low power FM modulatie exciter / zender nodig hebben. Nu met ingebouwde 4 band audio processor, stereo en RDS encoder! DDS gestuurd.
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BW Broadcast TX50V3 Stereo FM Zender 50 watt.

De TX50 V3 biedt u een alles in één oplossing!. Of het nu gaat om een standalone FM-zender of gebruikt voor het aansturen van krachtige FM-versterkers, zoals de PA1500, de TX50 V3 levert een uiterst efficiënte betrouwbare RF signaal. Met de ingebouwde DSPX-audioprocessing, stereo en RDS-encoder is de TX50V3 de enige alles in 1 box-oplossing die u zoekt.


Created to be the solution your station is looking for, whether it is a community stations primary FM transmitter utilising the built in audio processing, or a highly efficient exciter for a larger amplifier, the TX50 offers reliability and flexibility in one superbly priced box.

Designed for pristine audio quality and unsurpassed reliability, thousands of BW Broadcast's FM transmitters are operating trouble-free in some of the world's most remote installations. With comprehensive features and creative design, the TX50 isxceptional value for those on a budget but don't want to compromise on performance.

All BW Broadcast FM transmitters are loaded with features, such as a configurable compressor/limiter and front-panel OLED control interface. Underlying architecture includes a unique DDS exciter, ultra-low distortion modulator and high performance stereo encoder integrated into a great performing, highly stable FM transmission system. Developed for global use, the TX50 is frequency agile and comply with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations.

Now with built in mulit-band DSPX audio processing, the transmitter offers six specially created selectable presets perfect for back up processing or for a quick set up solution. Either way, you are guaranteed to always have superb audio quality, making your station sound great at all times. In addition to the DSPX processing, the transmitter has AES/EBU digital inputs giving you more flexibility at the TX site.

The power amplifier in the TX50 is based on a modern MOSFET device. High power fans draw fresh air through the transmitter's heatsink to keep the transistor and amplifier cool.. Amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely.
The direct to carrier digital modulator allows perfect audio flatness to below 10 Hz. AFC bounce and modulator overshoot are things of the past. Low bass can be achieved without distortion and overshoots, yet with greater stereo separation.

The TX50 ismore configurable and flexible than other units in their class. The limiter and stereo encoder can be switched in and out of circuit. The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for multiplex output from the internal digital stereo generator, BNC for multiplex input to the exciter for loop through operation and external processor input. RF output is via an N-Type socket.

An RS232 control and monitor system can be managed from a standard terminal program or BW Broadcast's included Windows application. Both units can also be supplied with an FSK ID keyer input for use in translator applications.


Integrated multiband DSP audio processing allow stations without a dedicated audio processor to sound great ‘straight out of the box!’


Ethernet connections & smart phone apps coupled with intelligent alarms & email alerts – Remote Management as never been simpler!


Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.


  •  5 - 50 watt RF output power
  •  XLR analogue/digital inputs
  •  direct-to-carrier digital modulator
  •  Stereo encoder
  •  AES192 Digital MPX Input
  •  Dynamic RDS Encoder
  •  VSWR and temp monitoring
  •  Full remote control capability
  •  2 yr warranty



Harmonics : better than -75 dBc
Spurious : <-90dBc
Frequency range : 87.5 - 108 MHz
Frequency steps : 10KHz to 100KHz selectable
Frequency selection : User interface or web remote control
Frequency control type : direct to channel DDS
Frequency stability : < /- 100 Hz
Modulation : DDS
Synchronous AM Noise : >60dB% min (at normal deviation)
Asynchronous AM Noise : >70dB
RF Connector : N-type 50 Ohm


MPX input / output connector : 2 X BNC IN / 2 X BNC OUT
MPX input / output impedance : 10k
MPX input level : -10dB to 10dB (adjustable)
MPX input / output response : /- 0.01 dB, 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Audio input connectors : XLR balanced
Analog input impedance : 10 kOhm
AES/EBU sampling rates : 32KHz-192KHz (MPX OVER AES READY)


Subcarrier generation : DSP
Pilot : 19 kHz /- 1 Hz (adjustable)

Pilot generation  

Output level : 0dBu - 12dBu adjustable
15 kHz filtering : 80dB at 19kHz (DSP based)
Overshoot filter clipping : DSP based
Spurious: >80 kHz / >160kHz   > -60dBr / > -80dBr
Stereo separation ; >50dB (20Hz - 15kHz)


RF Power : 5W - 50W
Voltage input : 100-265 VAC
Environmental : 65W average @ 30W RF
Switched mode approvals : UL / TUV / CE
Size (mm) : 485mm x 380mm x 50mm
Weight : 3,7 Kg
User Interface:3 buttons, rotary encoder & 256x64 graphics display
External control : /O Alarms D9-type Male; RS232 D9-Type Female Telnet and Web remote RJ45 Ethernet

TX50V3 Datasheet