AVT MAGIC TH 6 lijnen Telefoon Hybride

MAGIC TH6 biedt zes POTS lijn interfaces voor maximaal zes bellers. Het talkshow systeem beschikt over twee analoge en vier digitale (2 x AES / EBU) Audio aansluitingen. Bovendien zijn twee interfaces voor de aansluiting van twee handsets implementeren. Optioneel kan MAGIC TH6 worden gebruikt als Voice-over-IP Telephone Hybride
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AVT MAGIC TH6 Telefoon Hybride 6 Lijnen - Studio apparatuur.

MAGIC TH6 can be operated as POTS Telephone Hybrid or optionally as VoIP Hybrid with up to six caller lines. In both operating modes six Audio inputs and outputs are available. This allows a system configuration with which all six callers can be provided on separate Audio lines to the mixing console. Alternatively, the Audio lines can be configured as PRETALK, HOLD and ON AIR Audio lines (One Fader or Two Faders mode). The callers can be switched in PRETALK and ON AIR conferences. Furthermore, an external or a recorded HOLD signal can be configured. The MAGIC TH6 talkshow system also offers a call forwarding function to forward callers to a manually dialled or a phone book number.

The MAGIC TH6 Talkshow System can be configured and controlled via the Windows PC Software which is included in the delivery. The PC is connected via the LAN interface to the MAGIC TH6. The MAGIC TH6 Software provides a graphical user interface which displays all caller lines and their current line status. The PC Software has been optimised for controlling the system with a touch screen. The callers are accepted by pressing the PRETALK, HOLD or ON AIR button. Screening information, such as e.g. the telephone number or the caller’s name, are displayed in the corresponding information field. Via the level meter with level control the callers’ levels can be adapted individually.


  • Digital Echo Canceller, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Expander for each channel
  • Can be used world-wide due to adjustable country-settings (just select yor country from a list in the configuration)
  • Conferencing function for PRETALK and ON AIR
  • Two Handset/Headset interfaces for PRETALK
  • System operation with Windows PC Software via the LAN interface (up to four workplaces)
  • Two-studios Mode (share the resources between two studios)
  • System operation via six GPIO contacts and four relays
  • Up to two external MAGIC TH6 Keypads can be connected
  • Optionally extendable to VoIP Talkshow System
  • Voice Disguise: The caller's voice can be changed to protect his identity


– G.711 A-Law 3,1-kHz (telephone algorithm)
– G.722 (7-kHz, optional with HD Voice Upgrade in VoIP mode)


– 6 x POTS RJ11
– 1 x LAN RJ45
– 3 x S0 I.430 RJ45
– Protocol DSS-1, NI-1, Japanese ISDN
– 1 x LAN RJ45


– Handset/Headset interface
– 2 x Handset/Headset RJ10


– LAN RJ45
– RS232 V.24 9 pin SUB-D socket
– TTL/RELAY 15 pin SUB-D socket
– 4 x Relay function can be programmed
Capacity 48V/200mA
– 6 x TTL Input/Output function can be programmed
Capacity 3.3V/10mA


Analogue Audio 1/2:
– Electronically balanced input XLR female
– Electronically balanced input XLR male
– Nominal level -3 ... 9 dBu (can be programmed)
– Head room 0 ... 15 dBr (can be programmed)
– Impedance Input: > 25 kΩ
Output: 50 Ω
– Frequency response 50 Hz ... 3400 Hz
– Signal to Noise Ratio > 80 dB
– Noise - 92 dB
Digital Audio AES/EBU:
– Format IEC-958 AES/EBU Professional
– Balanced input XLR female
– Balanced output XLR male
– Impedance Input: 110 Ω
Output: 110 Ω
– Clock input TTL/75 Ω XLR female
– Clock output TTL/75 Ω XLR male
– Separate Sample Rate Converter for Inputs
– Electronically balanced input RJ10 socket
– Electronically balanced output RJ10 socket
– Input amplifier ~ 10 dB
– Gain In 0 ... 45 dB (can be programmed)
– Gain Out 0 ... 45 dB (can be programmed)
– Impedance Input: > 25 kΩ
Output: < 50 Ω


– AGC per channel, configurable
– Level adjustment control during connection: -16 dB ... 16 dB
– Echo Canceller per channel (100 msec echo cancelling time)
– Expander per channel, configurable


- graphical resolution 160 x 32 Pixel
- illuminated (can be switched off)


Integrated power supply
– alternating voltage (AC) 90...253V
– current max. 15W


H x W x D – 44,5 x 434x 252 mm 


– ca. 3,7 kg


– EN 55103
Electric safety
– EN 60950
Temperature Range
– 5 °C to 45 °C
Relative humidity
– 5% is 85% 
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