AVT MAGIC TH2 plus Telefoon Hybride

AVT MAGIC TH2 plus Telephone Hybrid biedt een ISDN BRI (S0), twee POTS en een LAN-line interface, die gebruikt kan worden voor VoIP. Het systeem heeft analoge en digitale audio-interfaces (configureerbaar) en kan worden gebruikt als dubbele hybride in alle drie modi (POTS, ISDN en IP).
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AVT MAGIC TH2plus Telefoon Hybride/ Telefoon vork.

The operation and configuration can be done via the front keypad and the graphical display. Alternatively, an operation via the GPIO contacts and the Windows PC Software, which is included in delivery, is also possible.. The software allows you to configure and control the system with a PC via LAN. Both caller lines are clearly displayed and if desired a manual level adjustment is possible. Screening information about the callers can be stored in a database. The stored caller information is immediately available when the calling number is transmitted. With the help of additional MAGIC TH2plus Software licences you can install up to two further operator or Screener workplaces.

  • POTS, ISDN and IP Telephone Hybrid:

     Double hybrid with analogue and digital Audio interfaces
  • Digital signal processing:

     digital Echo Canceller, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Expander for each channel


  • Pretalk Function:

     Up to two Handsets or Headsets can be connected
  • HOLD Signal:

     recording of a HOLD Signal or ON AIR Signal as HOLD Signal
  • Connection of up to two external Keypads

  • Comfortable PC Software with Screening Function

  • Voice Disguise:

     The caller's voice can be changed to protect his identity
  • 1 x ISDN BRI (S0) interface (2 B channels)
  • 2 x POTS interfaces
  • 1 x LAN interface (for control and optionally for Voice-over-IP)
  • 2 x analogue or digital Audio inputs/outputs (configurable)
  • 2 x Handset/Headset interfaces
  • 2 x PHONE interface for analogue telephone (in POTS mode)
  • 1 x RS232 interface for up to two external MAGIC TH2plus Keypads
  • 4 x TTL inputs/outputs, 2 x relay contacts
  • Exetrnal 12V power supply
  • Dimensions: 1/2 x 19" x 1U
AVT TH2 Brochure