AVT MAGIC ACip3 Audio over IP Codec

De MAGIC Acid3 is een  IP Audio Codec en biedt drie Ethernet-interfaces die kunnen worden gebruikt voor Audio-over-IP-uitzendingen, om het systeem met de Windows PC-software te controleren of te integreren in een netwerk management systeem via SNMP. 
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AVT MAGIC ACip3 Audio over IP Codec

The system supports the G.711, G.722, ISO/MPEG Layer 2 coding algorithms and PCM 16/20/24 Bit in the standard delivery version.Opus can be also downloaded free of charge. Optionally, MAGIC ACip3 can be upgraded with Enhanced apt-X 16/24 Bit, AAC-LD/AAC-ELD and AAC-LC V1/V2 (= HE-AAC-V2). 

Two operating modes are available: the system can be used for dial-up AoIP connections according to the N/ACIP standard EBU Tech 3326 or LAN Leased Line connections. With the Secure Streaming feature, in the LAN Leased Line Mode a connection can be established via two independent IP links to ensure highest reliability. It is possible to use either one or two Ethernet interfaces for this functionality. In case that no connection at all can be established, it is also possible to play an emergency programme from an SD card.
The system encodes one Stereo programme in the standard version and can optionally be upgraded to a second Stereo programme by software activation.


The Audio Codec can be operated via the front panel with display. The operation and configuration via the MAGIC ACip3 Windows PC Software is even more comfortable. The Software allows the simulataneous monitoring, configuration and control of up to 40 Audio Codecs within the network. Individual systems can be selected for an Audio transmission. Alarms are displayed for all systems and stored in a log file.

Control & Configuration

The system can be directly controlled using the front keypad and the illuminated display. The control via the Windows PC Software which is included in delivery is even more comfortable and allows the user to monitor, configure and operate a single or up to 40 systems.

Backup Option

With the Backup Option a main and a backup connection can be configured for MAGIC ACip3. The line interfaces, the operating modes and the connection parameters (e.g. coding algorithm) can be selected freely. The switching criteria can be defined individually in the configuration.

Distribution Option

With the Optional Distribution Option MAGIC ACip3 can be used as Audio contribution codec for Studio-Transmitter-Links. Up to 20 participants can dial into a central codec via SIP. In the integrated access protection list up to 50 participants can be entered.


• 3 x Ethernet interfaces
• AoIP dial-up connections according to N/ACIP Standard EBU Tech 3326
• LAN Leased Line connections with Secure Streaming
• 1 x Stereo analogue Audio interface
• 2 x Stereo AES Audio interface
• ISO/MPEG Layer 2 • PCM 16/20/24 Bit
• ISO/MPEG Layer 3 (optional)
• Enhanced apt-X 16/24 Bit (optional)
• AAC-LD/AAC-ELD (optional)
• AAC-LC HE-AAC V1/V2 (optional)
• Two-Codec-Mode (optional)
• Command channel to each codec
• GPIO contacts (TTL/Relays)
• SD card slot • SNMP V1/V2c
• Integrated wide range power supply
• External 12 V redundancy power supply (optional)
• Windows PC Software for multi-system control
  • Technical Data Line Interfaces:
  • 3 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
  • Coding Algorithms: G.711 G.722 PCM 16/20/24 Bit ISO/MPEG Layer 2 Optional: ISO/MPEG Layer 3 Enhanced apt-X 16/24 Bit AAC-LD/AAC-ELD AAC-LC V1/V2 (HE-AAC-V2)
  • Sampling Frequencies: 8, 16, 24, 32, 48-kHz (depends on Codec)
  • Data Rates: 8–2304-kbit/s (depends on Codec)
  • Audio Inputs: 1 x Stereo analogue XLR 2 x Stereo digital AES SUB-D 15-pin Audio Outputs: 1 x Stereo analogue XLR 2 x Stereo digital AES SUB-D 15-pin
  • Headphones Interface: Stereo 6,3 mm jack
  • SD Card Slot: yes
  • Data Interfaces: 2 x RS232
  • Control Interface: via LAN1/2/3
  • TTL Interface (GPIO): 6 x Input/Output, programmable SUB-D 25-pin
  • Relay Contacts: 6 x NC/NO, programmable SUB-D 25-pin
  • Power Supply: 100–230 V AC internal power supply
  • Redundancy: 12 V DC external power supply (optional)
  • Power Consumption: max. 30 W, typ. 15 W
  • Dimensions: 19" x 1 U x 26 cm Approvals: CE, UL, FCC
http://www.avt-nbg.de/downloads/Data Sheets/MAGIC ACip3 Audio Codec.pdf