Axel Tech Fox MKII Broadcast Switcher

Axel Tech FOX is een volledig digitale en ontworpen voor Radio en TV marketplaces.FOX overeenkomt met de meeste eisen Hi-end uitzending gebruik, met twee analoge ingangen, twee digitale ingangen, een analoge uitgang en een digitale uitgang.
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FOX-LAN (ethernetport)

Axel Technology Fox MKII Broadcast Switcher.

Switching policies between inputs and outputs are fully user-configurable in order to suit individual requirements.
Furthermore FOX plays into the entire audio chain the delicate rol of program supervisor, thanks to an integrated audio detector and to the ability of generating an alarm when the nominal operating conditions are not met.
When an alarm rises, a switching command via GPO is provided.
FOX presents in the front side a graphic LCD display that shows the levels of analog and digital inputs and outputs and all alarms detected during the normal use.

The control software comes for free with FOX and allows the configuration of the timing and the policy of intervention/recovery of switching, displaying levels of input and output signals and configure every working parameter.
It is also possible to save the data to a single device and create a database for all FOX machines operating into the chain.


The process is DSP audio based and the audio features included are: Denoiser, that eliminates unwanted noise on the audio chain; the Delay module, a delay line applicable to a fully synchronous input in order to keep all audio sources.
During the process of allignement and calibration of the audio network, a Tone Generator with variable sample frequency and amplitude is provided with Fox and available on Analog and/or Digital outputs.
Furthermore, a DTMF encoder and a DTMF decoder with customizable strings allow the remote management of automation systems.


The FOX rear panel is provided with XLR connectors, for balanced analog and digital AES/EBU signals.
The outputs are equipped with hardware bypass.
In case of fault of the equipment the main analog input is directly routed to the analog output and the main digital input is routed to the digital output.
In order to set up and use FOX, the connection to a Pc is possible via RS232 remote serial port, USB connection and a simply logic state via GPIO port with open collectors and opto couplers that are representing the operational's states of any alarms, along with command automation equipment using DTMF decoding strings.
Optionally, it is possible to install an Ethernet port and use the SNMP - TCP/IP protocol, in addition to the web server installed on board that allows the display of the equipment status via a common web page.
FOX comes with a universal Power Supply 90-264Vac 47-63Hz that can operate worldwide used.
FOX occupies 1 standard 19" rack unit.


- Analogue and digital audio changeover, 4 inputs and 2 outputs
- Broadcast digital DSP-based audio 
- 4 analog/digital inputs and 2 analog/digital outputs with SRC converter
- Any kind of commutation managed by the D/A and A/D converter
- Input to output switch and fade with customizable time intervention and restore
- Denoiser Module, AGC Stage , input delay and Tone Generator
- Graphic LCD display and front panel button for monitor and control
- Internal DTMF Encoder and Decoder for automation system
- 1 Ethernet, 1 Rs232 Serial port, 1 USB and GPIO port