Axel Tech Puma FM ReBroadcast Ontvanger

Puma is van hoge kwaliteit frequentie-agile FM Re-Broadcast ontvanger. Daarnaast biedt Puma RF-FM bewaking functionaliteiten en een audio-over-IP-encoder in een enkel apparaat.
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Axel Technology Puma Re-Broadcast Receiver | RF-FM Monitoring / Audio over-IP encoder.

Whereas FM broadcaster requires cost effective solution to deliver and re broadcast FM content, Puma is cutting edge, most complete and innovative equipment on broadcast marketplace. Axel Technology with Puma set a new industry standard in hardware DSP-based radio equipment.
Puma is high quality frequency-agile FM Re-Broadcast receiver. In addition Puma provides RF-FM monitoring functionalities and an Audio-over-IP encoder in a single equipment.
Thanks to its internal digital-based DSP improved FM tuner, Puma returns a complete MPX signal from the received FM frequency. The MPX circuit optimization assures a high quality MPX signal that can be used to feed directly an FM transmitter or a different MPX signal path with unprecedented MPX performances
Internal  tuner  assures  strong  performances  in  FM  reception,  RF  and  MPX  audio  analysis  and  RDS  data stream output.  The  monitoring  made  on  the FM  channels  can  be  a  basic  RF  analysis  or  an  advanced  RF, MPX  and AUDIO measurement.
The monitoring made on the RF and MPX signal are:
Mono level, Pilot level, Audio  and RDS levels are measured and kept always under control. All captured data during FM  Channel  monitoring  can  be  sent  to  a  Network  Management  System  (such  as  Axel  Technology’s  Ranger) or showed in a common  password protected web page. Communication between Puma  and Ranger NMS is SNMP v2C  protocol.  For  all  single  parameter  under monitoring,  a  threshold  can  be set.  If  one or more values rises out of range, alarms are delivered.
RF sensitivity of 20-30dBuV will be still available for the use as audio and RDS-UECP re-broadcaster. Once the RF signal  is  received,  audio  should be  streamed  from the  transmitter  site  back to  a remote logging system.  The streamer input allows an internal selection between all inputs available: Tuner, External Analog In, External AES/EBU In.
Puma is also completed with “External Input” source: analog Left Right input and Digital Left Right in AES/EBU format. This audio input is continuously monitored: silence detection (Threshold/time and level), left and right presence, peak left, peak right. Rear-panel audio output always presents the audio decoded from Tuner and this setting is user definable while audio is available on Analog or AES/EBU format.
Puma provides a large variety of connection: double Ethernet port, USB and front panel headphone output, 4x GPIn opto coupled and 4x GPOut over relays. Rs232 serial port for RDS-UECP bridging and rebroadcasting purposes, and rear panel placed SD card to store or recall the complete equipment configuration.
RF antenna input is over BNC connector, a XLR balanced stereo analog input and output, AES/EBU input and output. MPX output is also over BNC connector. OS and data are loaded and stored over solid state memory as SD and flash RAM. Universal switching power supply to operate worldwide, 1 rack unit space in fan-less configuration.


  • ·    High broadcast quality FM Tuner
  • ·    RF Frequency agile 87,5 – 108,0 MHz
  • ·    High invulnerability to strong RF fields
  • ·    Built-In RF, MPX, AUDIO and RDS monitoring system
  • ·    RDS decoder and data output in UECP format
  • ·    Audio over-IP streaming, IceCast2 Server, low bandwidth mode
  • ·    Embedded web server for worldwide consultation
  • ·    SNMP, HTTP web interface, FTP, NTP and email supported
  • ·    Double Ethernet ports and double USB interfaces
  • ·    Front LCD display and front panel headphone output

Main Power100 Vac – 240 Vac 50/60 Hz internal, universal power supply
Power consumption25 W
Power connectorIEC plug filter with internal fuse 2.0 AT
HeadphoneStereo Jack 6.3 mm
Safety and EMCCompliant to CE laws
Working temperature0° to 50° C (storage -5 to 50 °C)
Housing Dimensions19 inch x 1u x 240 mm (depth)
Weight3.5 kg
Tuner frequency87.5 MHz ‐ 108.0 MHz
Tuner step10 kHz
RF tuning stability/- 500 Hz
RF input sensitivity20 to 120 dBµV
RF input nominal level80 to 100 dBµV
RF inputs main2x BNC, with 50 Ohm unbalanced
Max frequency deviation125 kHz
IF Filter bandwidth34 kHz to 138 kHz – Manual or Automatic
Input RF level30 dBµV – 120 dBµV with Internal attenuator
Bandscan carrier number32 Channels
Bandscan timeStatic Mode, Scan 2 s to 20 s and Smart Mode*
Selectivity at ± 120 kHz>-3 dB
Selectivity at ± 200 kHz>-40 dB
Selectivity at ± 300 kHz>-50 dB
Selectivity at ± 400 kHz>-65 dB
Image Rejection @ 22.5 kHz70 dB
Adjacent channel rejection63 - 65 dB
Alternate channel rejection65 - 72 dB
THD @ dev=75 kHz0.05 – 0.1 %
Mono (S N)/N75 dB typ – 68 dB min (No A-Weighting 30 Hz – 15 kHz)


tereo MPX Separation

·    40 Hz – 43 dB
·    100 Hz – 46 dB
·    1 kHz – 47 dB
·    5 kHz – 45 dB
·    10 kHz – 43 dB
·    15 kHz – 42 dB


tereo (S N)/N

·    66 dB @ 50 dBuV
·    71 dB @ 75 dBuV



·    400 Hz – 0.06%


PX Level output

From – 3.0 to 13.0 0.1db/step




tereo (S N)/N

·    61 dB Stereo/61 dB Mono @ 40 dBµV
·    65 dB Stereo @ 50 dBµV
·    80 dB Stereo @ 70 dBµV

Pilot 19kHz suppression

55 dB (Stereo modulation L = 1, R = 0,Deviation=67.5 kHz, pilot
deviation=6.75 kHz)


tereo THD N

Measures @ 70 dBuV with 75 kHz deviation
·    100 Hz - 0.055 %
·    1 kHz - 0.061 %
·    5 kHz - 0.19 %
·    10 kHz - 0.46 %


tereo separation

45 dB (Stereo modulation L = 1, R = 0,Deviation=67.5 kHz, pilot
deviation=6.75 kHz)
·    48 dB @ 400 Hz
·    48 dB @ 1 kHz
·    48 dB @ 5 kHz
·    38 dB @ 10 kHz
·    38 dB @ 14.7 kHz



RDS Sensitivity

20 dBµV (dev f = 2 kHz, RDS BLER < 5%)

RDS Synchronization time

80 ms   (dev f = 2 kHz RF input = 60 dBµV)

RDS PI Lock time

100 ms (dev f = 2 kHz RF input = 60 dBµV)

RDS data decoding and Streaming

RDS Level indication and deviation (voltage, kHz and dBr)

RDS Data decoding services

PS, PI, M/S, DI, TP, TA, AF, AF List Presence A/B Method, Scrolling
PS, AF EON, RadioText, RadioText Plus, CT, PTY, PIN, IH, TMC, EWS, TDC . ODA generic services. RDS error detection with three shold adjustable
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