Symetrix 528 E | Microfoon Processor

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Symetrix 528 E voice processor is een complete, op zichzelf staande voice processor die zes afzonderlijke functies vervult: microfoon voorversterking, de-Essing (sisklanken verwijdering), compressie / limiting, naar beneden uitbreiding, parametrische EQ, en stem symmetrie uitlijning.

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Symetrix 528E Voice Processor

The 528E is a complete, self-contained voice processor that performs six separate functions: microphone preamplification, de-essing (sibilance removal), compression/limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and voice symmetry alignment. All six processors may be used simultaneously. Although we call the 528E a ""Voice Processor"", it is perfectly suitable for any signal, vocal or not. Each function features a full complement of controls in an easy-to-use layout. Separate LED meters monitor mic gain and dynamics gain reduction functions thus facilitating quick and accurate adjustment of controls. As a dedicated single-channel voice processor, the 528E delivers the same processing power found in an entire recording studio signal chain. With the 528E you get all the control you need, without the cost or complication of separate units.


Works with any microphone (or line input)
Enhances vocal intelligibility
Increases perceived loudness and ""presence""
Great for voices as well as instruments and effects
Reduces off-mic noise
Reliable, proven design
Single rack space classic analog channel strip.
Applications: Broadcast, Studio, Podcasting, Installed Sound
Six processes in one box: Mic Preamp, De-esser, Downward Expander, Compressor, 3-band EQ, and Voice Symmetry
Rear panel patch points allow re-ordering of processes or external effects inserts