Sonifex RM-M1F53 1 Stereo Audio Meter

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Sonifex RM-M1F53 1 Stereo 53 Segments Audio Meter.

The RM-M1F53 is a free-standing, single stereo channel meter with bright, multi-coloured 53-segment bargraph meters and all the features listed in the summary.

SCi logoThis product has settings that can be adjusted using the Sonifex SCi (Serial Control Interface) software. To download a copy of the SCi software, please use this link >
Technical Specification For Reference Monitor Meters
Audio Inputs1 x stereo analogue or AES/EBU digital (auto-selecting) (RM-M1F53 & RM-M1R53)
2 x stereo analogue or AES/EBU digital (auto-selecting) (RM-M2F53, RM-M2R53, RM-M1F106 & RM-M1R106)
4 x stereo analogue or AES/EBU digital (auto-selecting) (RM-M4R53 & RM-M2R106)
Max level (0dB input gain):18dBu (analogue)/0dBFS digital
CMRR:>60dB typical
Input Impedance:20kΩ (analogue) 110Ω (digital with termination switchable via DIPswitch)
AES/EBU Sample Rate:32 to 192kHz, converted internally to 48kHz
Input Gain:0, 6, 12 or 18dB digital gain (switchable via DIPswitch)
Selection:Front panel illuminated push switch button (RM-M1F106, RM-M1R106 & RM-M2R106)