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Comrex Access 2 USB is een draadloze IP codec waarmee hoge kwaliteit live-audio kan worden verstuurd vanuit elke denkbare lokatie naar het radiostation. Daarnaast kan Access ook nog audio versturen via vaste niet-draadloze verbindingen. De handheld unit is robuust en stootvast, geschikt voor gebruik in alle denkbare omgevingen. De bediening gaat d.m.v. snel toegankelijke knoppen en full-color touch-screen.
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Comrex Access externe acculader

Comrex Access Portable Bag MKIII

Comrex Access Accu

Comrex ACCESS Portable 2USB - Draagbare BRIC IP/POTS Codec/ Audio IP

The latest version of the Comrex ACCESS Portable IP Codec offers AAC algorithms and more USB connectivity (now with 2 USB ports!) to give you a perfect field remote for places you just can't (or don't want to) get to with a rack of gear.  

Handheld operation makes it VERY convenient, but convenience is only the beginning. The Access Portable is a remote broadcaster's dream machine, loaded with everything you need to deliver high-quality broadcast audio over the public Internet. About the size of a camcorder, it can be powered for seven hours by its rechargeable battery. And for broadcasts that require larger mixing and headphone capabilities, it can be docked into a mixer/headphone management module (ACCESSMIXER: sold separately) to provide a full featured, tabletop, 5-channel stereo mixer/codec! 

BRIC or Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec Technology consists of three key elements: 1) BRIC coding algorithms: Designed to provide reliable and stable high-quality audio when transmitting over the most demanding data circuits, these algorithms are very sophisticated in their ability to automatically correct themselves to insure their resistance to packet loss. 2) Dynamic Jitter Buffer Protocol: Constantly monitors network conditions and automatically makes adjustments to insure that audio integrity is maintained. It keeps the delay as low as possible while protecting against unwanted audio dropouts. 3) BRIC Traversal Server: Allows for easy connections through complicated firewalls as well as NAT servers and routers. 


• Base model with XLR mic/line input, plus 1/8" stereo line in; 1/8" stereo out, 1/8" mobile I/O 
• Uses BRIC technology to deliver broadcast audio over the public Internet 
• User interface via integrated LCD/touchscreen display menus 
• Web browser included for connection to Wi-Fi access points that require log-in 
• Built-in Ethernet port; two USB ports 
• Removable rechargeable battery supplies 7 hours of talk-time 
• Connection to a range of other networks via integral Cardbus slot including: Modem Connections; 3G Cellular Links; Wi-Fi or Wi-Max Access cards 
• Ethernet port acts as Internet sharing device, allowing use of laptops on circuits utilizing Cardbus cards 
• MPEG-4 algorithm included for high-quality audio 
• Can be docked into a mixer/headphone management module (ACCESSMIXER: sold separately)
• Includes BRIC TS Traversal Server Licenses
Audio Connections
  • Mono In: 3-pin XLR female, pin 1 ground, pin 2 , pin 3 –
  • Stereo Line In: 1/8" (3.5mm) female, tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=gnd
  • Line Out: 1/8" (3.5mm) female, tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=gnd
  • Headphone Out: 1/8" (3.5mm) female, tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=gnd
  • Mobile In/Out: 1/8" (3.5mm) female, tip=send, ring=receive, sleeve=gnd
Audio Specifications - Mono Input
  • Type: Balanced
  • Impedance - Mic: 20k Ohms (pins 2-3) | Line: 200k Ohms (pins 2-3)
  • Level: Mic: -60 dBu nominal, -15 dBu max Line: 0 dBu nominal, 20 dBu max
Audio Specifications - Stereo Input
  • Type: Unbalanced
  • Impedance: 9k Ohms (tip to sleeve, or ring to sleeve)
  • Level: -10 dBu nominal, 10 dBu max
Audio Specifications - Line Output
  • Type: Unbalanced
  • Impedance: 0 Ohms (tip to sleeve, or ring to sleeve)
  • Level: Normal: -10 dBu nominal | Professional: 0 dBu nominal
  • Other Connections
  • Serial: 8-pin DIN female
  • Contact Closures: 9-pin DIN female
  • USB: USB Type A
  • Ethernet: 8-pin modular, 100BASE-T wiring
  • Power: 5-pin DIN female, pins 3 5 15V, pins 2 4 ground
  • Power & Physical
  • Voltage AC: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 24 Watts with all peripherals
  • Size (w/ battery): 4.75" W (12.1 cm), 8.25" D (21 cm), 2.5" H (6.35 cm)
  • Weight (w/ battery): 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg)