Omnia Z/IPStream F/XE Software

Radio Software
Omnia | Broadcast Audio Processing
Genuine Omnia processing for podcasting and file origination.
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Omnia Z/IPStream F/XE Software​

Engineered for Podcasting and File Origination
The most advanced file-based audio processor and encoder application available today. Combines Omnia audio processing with the Fraunhofer MP3 and AAC codecs for high quality file prep for podcasting or filebased streaming. For live processing and encoding, see Z/IPStream A/XE, Z/IPStream R1, Z/IPStream X/2 and Z/IPStream 9X/2 .
It makes your files sound great while keeping an eye on them
First and foremost, F/XE uses genuine Omnia processing to improve audio levels, loudness and perceived quality. Z/IPStream F/XE is software only, no special cards are required. It is able to read PCM WAV files, MPEG Layer-2 and MPEG Layer-3 source files. Z/IPStream F/XE can automatically send the output file to an FTP server. It will also notify you by email if problems are detected. Logs are kept during processing so you can find the source of the problem.
Included with A/XE is a license to the multi-channel version of the Axia IP-Audio driver. Customers with a Livewire installation can use the Axia IP-Audio driver to read or write audio directly from the network without the need for hardware audio cards.
Additional features
Z/IPStream F/XE will read metadata from external files and embed the information as ID3 tags in the output files. The core processing and encoding uses high-performance, low memory footprint, native application. You can use drop files on FileProcessor for on-demand processing and encoding, or automate your work using FolderBot to watch folders for new files and automatically process them as they arrive. Multiple configurations are able to be defined in FileProcessor. Each configuration can process and encode the files with a different set of parameters or send the output to different locations. This makes it easy to define and reuse project-specific configurations.
System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or later with 20MB of free disk space
  • Microsoft .NET client framework 4.0
  • Internet access
  • MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2.
  • The highest quality codecs from Fraunhofer