Caliope OnAir Desk Social Radio Module

OnAir Desk slaat automatisch uw schema's op, wordt nu afgespeeld op onze supersnelle servers op en publiceert deze vervolgens naar uw apps en website. Het publiceren van uw gegevens is daarom 100% veilig en altijd realtime.
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Stand Alone Version (No OAS user)

Caliope OnAir Desk Social Radio Module/ Radio Studio Stoftware.

OnAir Desk automatically stores your schedules, Now playing and charts on our superfast servers and then publishes it to your apps and website. Publishing your data is therefore 100% safe and always real-time.

Enrich your broadcast data

OnAir Desk enriches your 'now playing' data, schedules and charts with album art.
Use your broadcast data to interact with your audience
  • Easily add a voting system to your apps and website
  • Add a request system for your items
  • Fully automatic publish and play charts based on votes or request


  • You can control and view everything form a web based dashboard.
  • All incoming information is real-time updated on the dashboard, so you can react instantly.


  • Charts can be generated automatically from Requests, Votes or Likes. These charts can be planned or broadcasted fully automatic with OnAir Suite or OnAir TV planner.
  • You can define any charts you would like: Daily Top 5, Weekly Top 50, All Time Top 100.
  • The charts are real-timeupdated.


OnAir Desk offers you the possibility that your users have to log in with Facebook before they can vote for or request items. These facebook profiles are stored and are available for direct interaction and for further analysis of your audience.
  • You can force your audience to login with their Facebook account before they can acces the functions or retrieve more information.
  • All Facebook profiles of people who have voted or made a request are stored.
  • You can jump directly to the Facebook page of your station's Facebook friend.
  • You can send messages to your Facebook friends from the OnAir Desk dashboard.

Easy to implement

You only need to download a plugin and place a script in your app or on your website.

Look at Caliope FM to see a working example of OnAir Desk.


  • OnAir Desk publishes your broadcast data automatically and real-time to your apps and website.
  • OnAir Desk publishes your 'Playing now', your schedule and charts automatically.
  • OnAir Desk adds voting or like buttons to your items
  • OnAir Desk comes with an integrated request system.
  • For your app and website, OnAir Desk automatically adds album art to your items.
  • You can connect the voting or request module to Facebook and hence collect valuable data about your audience.
If you use OnAir Suite or OnAir TV Planner and have a support contract:EUR 120,- per year / station
If you


do not have a support contract or do not use OnAir Suite or OnAir TV Planner:
EUR 495,- per year / station