BW Broadcast Ariane Encore FM/HD/DAB+ leveller

BW Broadcast Ariane Encore Audio Leveler is als een opgeleide mastering ingenieur die een fader bediend, met ongekend dynamisch bereik en onhoorbaar. Dit is DE pre processor by uitstek,de vervanger van slecht werkende AGC's in bestaande audio processors,of de ultieme bescherming van je webstream of STL verbinding.
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Ariane Encore Multiband RMS FM/HD/DAB+ Audio Leveler. 

You struggle! Our engineers took some of the most challenging programme material and reworked the back-end processing code to take the new Ariane to a higher altitude of audio processing. Its pioneering window-gating freezes the processing when the audio dynamics are within a certain range. Combined with a carefully chosen multi-band topology that puts equal energy into each of its bands for a uniquely natural sound, the Ariane Encore continues to deliver ‘only when needed’ dynamic range control that is known worldwide for being inaudible. Should the user want it, its matrix sum and difference mode can inject life back into programme material, whilst taking care to not over process the sound. Known as the ‘Compeller’ on steroids, the Ariane is as close to a trained mastering engineer on a fader as you are going to get. You can trust it to pre-process and add life to legacy processors or web streams, or you can sit back and let it unobtrusively protect STL links and satellite feeds.

We know that engineers expect more from their hardware investments these days. The new Ariane is not just super sexy – it’s also future proofed. It’s been built on BW Broadcast’s new Encore platform, taking this double award winning utility processor to new heights. It’s an audio switcher, an audio backup device, a remote control and monitoring solution and so much more.
  • Sound great out of the box

     – With the flexibility to customise your sound easily with the factory and user presets that can be controlled locally and remotely.
  • Retain Legacy features

     – Such as with Stereo, Matrix (sum and difference) and dual mono modes, front panel bypass buttons and power loss relays for the audio.
  • Never have dead Air

     – With Plan B audio backup from the internal memory card, external USB keys and Shoutcast internet streams. There are even audio fall-back switching options for the analogue audio and AES/EBU digital audio inputs.
  • Never not be in charge

     – Stay in control from anywhere with any device, with mobile device aware HTML5 browser remote control and monitoring which fully supports the IPhone.
  • Never not know

     – Stay in the know with event logging and notifications by email, SNMP, to local memory and more.
  • Set and forget 

    - 1 minute remote control setup using BW Broadcast’s virtual portal functionality which removes the need for router configuration and port forwards. VRP supports remote control of 1-1000 BW broadcast products from one web login. No gateways, IPs or ports to remember.
  • Works with what you have now

     – Slots effortlessly into your broadcast infrastructure with software configurable alarms and triggers which open up endless remote control and telemetry possibilities.
Nom. input level-12 to 12dBu
Max input level24dBu
ConnectorsXLR floating,EMI suppressed
A/D conversion24 bit 48 Khz 128x oversampled
Sampling rate32-96 KHz
ConnectorXLR floating,EMI suppressed
Output level0 to 12dBu
ConnectorBNC, floating
D/A24 bit 768 KHz
Stereo seperation>70dB (typ. > 75dB)
Sca inputBNC floating
Pilot outputBNC, 5V
NET/LANRJ45 EMI shielded
Power85-265 VAC 50-60Hz
Size44mm x 482mm x 200mm
Weight1.9 Kg
Ariane Encore Brochure