Biquad Arcadia RDS/RBDS Encoder

De Arcadia is een zeer uitgebreide RDS encoder welke via ASCII of UECP protocol kan werken. Instelbaar via netwerk,USB en RS-232 en voorzien van een duidelijk OLED display
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Biquad Arcadia RDS/RBDS Encoder met TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, Oled/ Studio Apparatuur.

RDS Data generator / encoder for text messages transmitions through the conventional FM analog system station. The Acadia encoder was developed to work on both European standard RDS and American standard RBDS. It can transmit texts and commands for FM receivers that are compatible with this technology. It has a web interface for the equipment settings through a computer and a Jog Wheel combined with a OLED display on the front panel that allow the user to access and change the equipment parameters quickly and easily directly on the panel.
As the main differential, the equipment has a web interface to access and extremely friendly and easy to operate setting including a dedicated area for quick messages, this area is separated from the equipments configuration page and can be available to the stations broadcaster/operator to send quick messages to the listeners as a way to a greater interaction with the listeners without compromising the equipment settings security.

Besides all these functions, Acadia also has a GPIO interface that can be used as a (simple) remote supervision control of the transmission cover (for example). Besides de GPIO the equipment has a USB port on the front panel and another one on the back panel for a fast conection with the computer, a ethernet port, a RS-232 interface and the connections for Traffic Announcements and inputs and outputs of RDS/RBDS signal and synchronism.
There are several factors and technical advantages that make it the most complete encoder RDS/RBDS existent nowdays for an extremely competitive price.
With Acadia, in addition to informing your listener you can still increase the billing of your station, exploring commercially the text message transmission. Want to be complete and different? Use Acadia in your studio and open new interaction doors with your listeners! Besides talking, now you can also write…

Provided in rack 19” standard width with brushed stainless steel panel with a high standard finishing.

Key Features

  • It can be fully configured via the front panel through a Jog Wheel and OLED display;
  • CPU with high-tech DSP to provide a high quality signal and spectral purity, with extreme speed processing.
  • Compatible with any existing automation software on the market;
  • Compatible with any driver or stereo generator available in the market. It has an internal oscillator with an accuracy of /- 2 Hz, and input for external synchronization;
  • Internal web server for device configuration, does not need any app installation for control;
  • Access the machine settings with different password levels, enabling high security operation;
  • Schedule for sending messages on predetermined dates and times;
  • Quick Messages - Exclusive configuration page dedicated to sending quick messages to listeners. Allows greater interaction between the station's operator / broadcaster and listeners;
  • Supports RT and song tagging;
  • Internal clock with automatic update option through the Internet;
  • Ethernet, USB and RS-232 ports for PC communication;
  • Configuration via ASCII, UECP and network protocols;
  • GPIO: 1 input and 4 outputs - remote control and monitoring equipment;
  • Automatic high efficiency Bivolt Source;
  • Modern and functional design;


Meets CENELEC EN50067 specifications, NSRC standard and UECP V6.01 protocol
    1.1. - Modulation
       • Differential and biphasic, AM Modulation with double sideband    and carrier suppression (DSB-SC)
    1.2 - Central Frequency
       • 57KHz /- 6Hz
    1.3 - Bandwidth
       • /- 2.4KHz
    1.4 - Maximum RDS level in output ONLY RDS
       • 0 a 12.5Vpp ( 15dBu)
    1.5 - Maximum RDS level in output MPX RDS 
       • 0 to 0.625Vpp (-5dBu) - proportion of 5% of the output RDS ONLY
    1.6 - Linear Distortion
       • <0.5dB between the upper sideband and lower sideband
    1.7 - Carrier Ratio
       • >80dB
    1.8 - Carrier Suppression
       • >85dB

    2.1 - External
       • Synchronization with external pilot tone - 19KHz /- 2 Hz
    2.2 - Internal
       • Automatic switching to internal local oscillator in the absence of external synchronization - 19KHz /- 2 Hz    

    3.1 - SYNC OR MPX
       • Connector: unbalanced BNC
       • Impedance: >10KΩ
       • maximum MPX input level for RDS injection ratio of 5%: 12.5Vpp ( 15dBu)    
       • Nominal input level: 3.5Vpp
    4.1 - MPX RDS
       • Connector: unbalanced BNC
       • Impedance: <50Ω
       • MPX signal mirror of electronically coupled AC input
       • Frequency response: 0.1Hz to 100KHz @ 0.1dB
       • Phase Shift: < 1⁰ @ 0.1Hz to 100KHz
       • RDS level plus the MPX signal: adjusted           electronically, proportion of 5% from the nominal level at the output ONLY RDS OUT 
    4.2 - ONLY RDS
       • Connector: unbalanced BNC
       • Impedance: <50Ω
       • RDS level: electronically adjusted 0 to 12.5Vpp ( 15dBu)
    5.1 - GPIO
       • Connector: DB 15 Male
       • 1 TTL input optocoupled
       • 4 TTL outputs optocoupled
    5.2 - RS-232
       • Connector: DB 9 Male
       • Transmission rate: 1200 to 115200 asynchronous baud.
       • Format: UECP (Universal Encoder Communication Protocol - EBU SPB 490)
    5.3 - TCP / IP
       • Connector: RJ-45 Standard
       • Type: full duplex 10/100 Base-T
       • Format: TCP / UDP / SNMP / IGMP (multicast)
    5.4 - USB
       • Connector: USB type B on the front and rear panels 

7. Front panel
    7.1 - Display
       Type: OLED technology
       • Resolution:  100 x 16 pixels
    7.2 - Jog Wheel
       Type: Rotary
       • Functions:  scroll right and left through the navigation menus and "Enter" function, when pressed.

    8.1 - Power Supply
       • Full range automatic: 90 to 240Vac
       • Operating Frequency: 47 through 63Hz,
       • Maximum consumption: 12VA / 127V -  22VA / 220V
    8.2 - Operating temperature
       • -30 to 70⁰C
    8.3 - Dimensions:
       • 19 "(width) x 1UR (Height) x 9.05" (total depth - with connectors)
       • 484mm (width) x 44.5mm (height) x 230mm (full     depth - with connectors)

       • 2.150Kg unpackaged
       • 3.150Kg with packing
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