Biquad APG 02 Analoge 3 Bands Broadcast Audio Processor

Biquad Broadcast
De APG 02 is een eena audioprocessor die is ontworpen voor stations die met een laag budget toch een optimaal en krachtig geluid willen creeren en niet het budget hebben voor de meer geavanceerde en duurdere digitale apparatuur.
1.099,00 Excl. BTW
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Biquad APG 02  Analoge 3 Bands Broadcast Audio Processor

Audio processor designed to use on FM stations that desire a good and powerfull sound but has low financial resources to invest in more sophisticated and expensive digital equipment.
APG-02 has a extremely simple circuit but very functional that executes with perfection and  efficiency its role. Has an AGC wideband on input that controls the average level from the audio mixer and a multiband compressor / limiters peaks that processes the audio in 3 independent frequency bands, controlling the peaks and maximizing the loudness of the program being broadcasted.

After multiband processing stage, the equipment also features a high quality stereo generator and channel separation (> 60dB @ 1kHz), with extremely professional features. Its stereo generator has a final composite limiter (clipper) which allows the station a very effective loudness in the air.
It has balanced audio inputs and MPX output on the back panel. On its front panel, the machine has a VU that shows the input audio level and the MPX output in addition to an output level adjustment of the processed audio. Very easy to install and operate the equipment does not have adjustments and has presets from factory. Plug & Play. Once you install it will be ready to use, requiring only the final modulation transmitter setup.

Provided in rack 19" standard width and one unit rack height (1UR) and 30cm deep in high standard finishing in brushed stainless steel.

  • AGC, a multiband compressor and stereo generator built into a single equipment;
  • - Pre congured from factory, excellent performance for any style of music;
  • - 3 bands processors. LOW, MID, HIGH; - PLUG & PLAY. Ready to work and transform your radio sound
Power input Full Range – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.