Biquad PH 248 Phantom Power, 2 Mics 48V

PH 248 is een voeding voor professionele microfoons die een 48 volt spanning nodig hebben om te werken (condensator microfoons).
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Biquad PH 248 Phantom Power, 2 Mics 48V, Microfoon voeding.

PH-248 is a 48V DC power supply with maximum current of 200mA with very low noise projected to power the microphones condenser that need a power supply to work.

Can be used in all kinds of studios replacing the fonts (Phantom) of the tables (mixers) that already has this built-in feature, obtaining better results and better audio signal x noise in microphones.
Has XLR input connectors and audio outputs on the front panel and can supply up to 2 microphones simultaneously without interference between them.

This equipment was designed for professional use in high fidelity application, therefore, PH-248 has has better characteristics than the built-in fonts on consoles and mixers for live applications.
Has a compact case to ease the installation.


  • -Balanced inputs and outputs;
  • - Very low noise;
  • - Small size, ts the palm of the hand;
  • - XLR connectors with gold plated pins;
  • - Auto Switching Power Supply
  • - Full Range - 80 to 240V AC.
Power input Full Range – 90 to 240V / 47 to 63Hz.